There are a number of casinos which we have reviewed over the years which have unfortunately since closed down. This page collects all the reviews of casinos which have closed down from our archives. You cannot play at any of the casinos listed on this page.

Closed sign

It is very disappointing when an online casino closes, but all good things must come to an end, and this is no different. An online casino which closes is a natural part of the life cycle of the online gambling industry.

Fortunately, has a vast selection of online casinos to choose from, with reviews listing everything that we like and dislike about them, and a particular focus on whether they are suitable for Canadian players.

So even if your favourite gaming spot has closed down, you’ll be able to find one you love just as much in no time at all. Check out the newest casinos, the fastest-paying casinos, or the casinos offering the largest number of free spins.

Why do online casinos close?

There are a number of reasons why an online casino might close. It could be that it had an unpopular concept, which didn’t go down as well with players as its creators expected.

It may also have had a selection of games which was too limited for its audience, payment terms which were not very popular with players, or not enough payment methods to make it a convenient casino for the market it was trying to attract.

A casino which doesn’t have many players doesn’t have a long life ahead of it, so in many of these cases, the operator will decide to shut It down. Many casino operators have more than one casino product, so if you were really attached to a particular casino, chances are you can find one from the same family, which offers a similar look and feel, games and terms.

In more serious cases, a casino may have been caught violating the regulations of the online gaming industry and forced to shut down by the respective regulator. These cases are much more rare, but still worth looking out for. Check out our page on casino scams for information about casinos which are considered to be untrustworthy within the world of online casinos.

Finally, a casino may also simply have decided to move into another part of the online casino business. For example, Super Lenny, once a very popular casino, is now an extremely successful affiliate site. And as they say, a change is as good as a rest.

For a list of the best active online casinos for Canadian players, click here.

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