Crypto Casino has a lovely little tagline resting on some memorable alliteration. The online casino prides itself on being “Fast. Fun. Fair.” Of course this isn’t exactly an original promise, indeed no casino would brag about being slow, boring and dishonest. But I was intrigued by the ‘crypto’ aspect and thought there might actually be something in it this time around.

Launched in 2019 and registered in Curaçao, Crypto Casino operates entirely on cryptocurrency and blockchain, meaning transactions are fully traceable and doubly protected outside of any banking regulation. Are you completely baffled by the crypto concept? Then perhaps this one isn’t for you. But if you’re intrigued or already in the crypto space, read on to learn more about the online casino that promises to shake things up.

Crypto Casino: The Highlights

  • Online casino entirely operated on the blockchain, using cryptocurrency.
  • Transactions made in its own currency, FUN Tokens.
  • Uses Ethereum smart contracts and Fair Checker tool for player safety.
  • No stalling when it comes to withdrawals.

Crypto Casino - What You Need To Know

Concept: A casino that embraces the emerging world of blockchain, allowing players to transact fully in digital currencies

Special Features: Fully operated by crypto and blockchain technology, instant access to winnings

License: Crypto Casino is licensed in Curaçao

Games: Casino, slots, instants

Currency: FUN tokens (can be converted from CAD and ETH)

Active since: 2019

Support: Live Chat, FAQs

Welcome Bonus:

Up to C$60 in Free FUN and ETH tokens

Bonuses Bonuses: 0/100
Games Games: 80/100
Payout Payout Speed: 0/100
Customer Customer Support: 80/100
VIP VIP Program: 80/100

Crypto Casino Welcome Bonus - Up To CA$60 in Free FUN and ETH tokens

Crypto Casino will give all new players the equivalent of up to C$60 in both FUN and ETH tokens to use on any of the games site-wide. All you have to do is click the ‘sign up’ button on the welcome page and register for your FunPass. Don’t worry if you’re feeling confused about what a FunPass is, everything is explained clearly step by step.

Be sure to read through the terms and conditions before agreeing, but once you do, your wallet will be automatically funded with 500 FUN and 0.005 ETH. Players will then have the opportunity to unlock a further 9,500 FUN when they wager a total of 350,000 or more FUN across any of the games at Crypto Casino.

As welcome bonuses go, there’s a little more to the sign-up process than you usually get with other online casinos. Especially considering it all works in the crypto space, which can be a bit of a mystery even to those involved in it daily. But after a little investigation I can assure you that the offer is a generous one, and the wagering requirements aren’t nearly as steep as you usually find.

Crypto Casino - Games

Cryptocurrency is a new and developing commodity. That means that all technologies that use it as their foundation are all still very much in their infancy. Crypto Casino displays its new roots by offering a very small selection of games in its portfolio.

Those new to the scene may be put off by this, but others who have been trading the space for a while understand that it simply takes a while to build a new market from scratch. I have no doubt that Crypto Casino is working hard to increase its games offering, and I expect to see their selection grow daily.

Currently, players can choose from a selection of games across slots, casino and instants. While the menu may not be vast, the quality is high, so I prefer to think of it as choosing Michelin dining over a roadside diner. You won’t find the usual developer’s names here as all the available entertainment has been optimized for the blockchain space.

Crypto Casino hosts a variety of games from FunFair Technologies, a platform specializing in offering white labeled casino solutions. Canadians are some of the lucky few who have access to this site and beyond, as much of Europe is unable to access the site, and it currently only accepts players from 22 countries.

Crypto Casino - Payment Methods

Okay, so here’s where things are a little different. The online casino transacts in its own token, called FUN tokens. You exchange these across the site much as you would regular funds on any other online casino.

To obtain these tokens you’ll first need to get your hands on Ethereum, which can be converted to FUN tokens using Crypto Casinos’s software. Once you’ve loaded up your casino MetaMask wallet with FUN then you can zip about playing to your heart’s content.

Your winnings can be easily traded back into Ethereum, where you can keep them as such, or use an online Exchange to switch them back to FIAT (i.e. a conventional currency like CAD). And because the site uses Ethereum smart contracts to hold funds during play, the second you win, your winnings are deposited directly into your wallet, leaving you free to cash out instantly with no processing time.

Crypto Casino - Safety and Security

All online casinos act quickly to reassure players that their site is encrypted to the highest degree utilizing the latest technologies and techniques. Now, I’m not saying that they’re not telling the truth, I’m simply pointing out that the blockchain is actually the most secure and transparent way to transact digitally, and there are only a handful of casinos currently making use of it. Crypto Casino is one of these, but how exactly does it keep players safe?

Alongside security the technology also guarantees absolute fairness. Each transaction can be verified by players at any time of their choosing, removing the danger of casino manipulation. Instead of the (often criticized) use of random seed generation, hashing, and random number generation, Crypto Casino uses Ethereum smart contracts and their very own FairChecker tool.

FairChecker is an automated system that 100% guarantees that every turn of a card, spin of a wheel or roll of the dice is totally fair and unbiased. Players have full visibility of the process as the details of each game, including the amount staked, are listed in chronological order post-verification. At the end of each game, a record of this is saved to the blockchain and can be viewed in the FairChecker tool within your account page.

And what about your funds? These are stored securely in your cryptocurrency wallet, and during gameplay they’re held in escrow (powered by Ethereum smart contracts) until a winner is determined. This means that the online casino has no access to your funds and can never hold them hostage or unilaterally retain them. Players will get their winnings the second that they’re won, straight into the MetaMask wallet, no stalling and no delays.

And finally, because the site runs on the blockchain, they do without the need for any vulnerable, in-house servers. This means a severely reduced likelihood of hacking and viruses.

Crypto Casino - Customer Support

You wouldn’t expect a forward thinking online casino that deals solely in cryptocurrencies to dabble with anything as archaic as a land line. In fact the only sources of customer service come from Live Chat and their extensive FAQs.

And trust me, with a slightly complicated set up and their alternative method of holding and cashing out winnings, I’m certain Crypto Casino is dealing with more than its fair share of player queries.

Crypto Casino - Final Verdict

I love the concept. And as a genuine believer in the future of cryptocurrencies I think it’s well worth the extra time investment of getting set up on Crypto Casino. But that doesn’t mean I think the site is for everyone. If you’re the kind of person who has little interest in crypto and blockchain, then this is one casino that won’t interest you whatsoever.

If you’re new to the scene and are feel curious about what it could all mean for online gaming, then I recommend you spend a few hours researching the space and grasping the concept fully before jumping in headfirst with crypto gaming.

The negatives come with the limited selection of games, and the fact that if you’re not into slots, casino and instants you might find yourself entirely disinterested in what Crypto Casino has to offer. Everyone else may very well find themselves pleasantly surprised.

Crypto Casino
Up to C$60 in Free FUN and ETH tokens

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