If you’ve ever played a slot game, you know how entertaining they can be. On the flipside, you also know how frustrating they can be. Players usually choose to play slot games for two reasons. Firstly, to be entertained. Secondly, because they offer attractive mega wins. Think of it this way jackpot slots are like honey to a bear.

In order to lure players in slot game providers need a good combination of features, volatility, RTP, and jackpots. More often than not casino game providers get it right. Which means everyone is happy. However, sometimes game providers get it oh so wrong. When this happens players are left feeling pretty hacked off. After all, even if you haven’t won the jackpot, you at least want to win something right?

Based on RTP, features, volatility, and jackpots, here are 4 slot games that are total rip-offs.

JFTW & Microgaming’s Amazing Aztecs

Amazing Aztecs slot smallAmazing Aztecs pays homage to the ancient Aztec civilization. For those who didn’t pay attention in history class, the Aztecs lived during the 14th-16th Century. During this time period, they were famous for the riches of Montezuma. Slot fans will already be aware that slots with Aztec themes are pretty common.

Just have a look at Play’n GO’s Aztec Warrior Princess slot. So, besides being unoriginal, what else is wrong with Amazing Aztecs? In its gameplay Amazing Aztecs is pretty simple. There is a fairly typical 5-reel layout with 243 ways to win. RTP is 96.03%. As for special features, there is only 1 bonus feature. Meaning, there is nothing special about Amazing Aztecs for players to enjoy.

If you still want to play Microgaming and JFTW’s Amazing Aztecs, click here.

Play’n GO’s – Cops’n’Robbers

Cops'n'Robbers slot smallIf the name of this slot sounds familiar it should. Play’n GO has revamped its original version to keep players tuned in. Does it work? Not really, cops and robbers is a game best left behind in childhood. Just like robbers, players trying to get away with big pay-outs will be apprehended. Big wins are also only likely to occur in the bonus car chase round. This is despite an above average RTP of 96.47%. As for gameplay, it’s all a bit standard really. 9 paylines and medium volatility are hardly worth shouting about.

If you still want to play Play’n GO’s Cops’n’Robbers, click here.

Play’n GO’s Hugo Goal

Hugo Goal slot smallCombine beloved slot character Hugo and soccer, what do you get? Hugo Goal! Created just in time for the world cup too. Hugo, of course features in other slot games Hugo, and Hugo 2. Sadly, Play’n GO won’t be scoring any goals with this highly volatile slot. Despite, football focused bonus features, Hugo Goal is just Hugo and Hugo 2 re-hashed. Standard 3 reels and 5 pay lines are not worth cheering about. One things for sure, Hugo Goal would not make into a slots World Cup.

If you still want to play Play’n GO’s Hugo Goal, click here.

Microgaming’s Fortunium

Fortunium slot smallFortunium, is a steampunk inspired slot machine from the slot provider Microgaming. Although, steampunk is not an overdone slot theme, Microgaming haven’t delivered anything new. Set in the Victorian era of innovation, it's a bit of a let-down. It’s Mystery symbols also leave a lot to be desired. Players, will also be less than impressed with Fortunium’s elusive free spins. If Microgaming could invent a time machine, we would highly suggest they take Fortunium with them.

If you still want to play Microgaming’s Fortunium, click here.

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