Even if you're not usually bothered by the Royal Family most of the year round, a Royal Wedding is always an exciting affair. With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle getting married on Saturday, May 19th – everyone is starting to feel the butterflies kicking in.

William and Kate's wedding in 2011 was watched by around 2 billion people from around the world. 12 million of those were Canadian, and 23 million were American. Prince William and Kate Middleton got married at Westminster Abbey, as is befitting a future king of England. However, Prince Harry and Meghan will be getting married at Windsor Castle – the ‘modest' abode of the royal family.

While nothing can truly compare to either of these two historical, majestic venues – we put together a list of luxury Canadian casinos which are known for hosting their own mesmerizing weddings. Can you picture Harry and Meghan getting married at these places?

Jump on the bandwagon, and let's celebrate some royal wedding madness!

Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort – Ontario

Top 5 Canadian Casinos that could host the Royal Wedding - Niagara Fallsview Casino

Credit goes to Holly Matrimony

In this case, it's nature that makes this casino an unforgettable wedding venue. Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort is seated right at the edge of the surrounding Niagara landscape. The glass floor-to-ceiling windows allow visitors a breath-taking view of the famous waterfall. But thankfully they also keep out the thunderous roaring of the water.

St. Eugene Golf Resort Casino – British Columbia

Top 5 Canadian Casinos that could host the Royal Wedding - St Eugene Golf Resort Casino

If you're looking for a more romantic wedding venue, then St. Eugene Golf Resort Casino has the perfect touch. The above photo shows the place set-up for a fall wedding, which is probably the most romantic season for tying the knot. St. Eugene is an absolutely charming location for couples seeking their fairy-tale venue. Out of all the venues, we can see Harry and Meghan getting married here the most.

Medicine Hat Lodge – Alberta

Top 5 Canadian Casinos that could host the Royal Wedding - Medicine Hat Lodge Reception-min

Credit goes to Alan Maudie Photographers

If you're looking for a little more opulent setting, then Medicine Hat Lodge Alberta is your venue. With all the glitz and glam that this place has going for it, your guests are sure never to forget your special day. Plus, the location is extremely spacious, so you can invite whoever you want to share in the celebrations.

River Rock Casino Resort – British Columbia

This venue provides water-front views straight from your reception area. Not only that, the bride and groom can pamper themselves at a luxury spa before their big day! The bride can take her time to get ready in one of River Rock's massive penthouses. It's all about relaxing and having a good time with your friends and family at this wedding venue.

Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino – Alberta

Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino-min

On the other hand, if you're looking for a dream venue which can really bring the d.r.a.m.a – then the Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino has you sorted. By collaborating with expert interior designers, this wedding location can bring out the best in that skyline view. And with a big open space to accommodate large groups easily, it's a stress-free environment.

Do you agree with our list? How excited are you about the Royal Wedding? Let us know!

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