What’s the best part of being Canadian? Well, for one thing, you get to celebrate Canada Day. Unofficially known as ‘Canada’s birthday’, it’s a day to celebrate Canada. All across the world, Canada Day is celebrated with fireworks, parades, and speeches. Frankly, it’s much better than the 4th of July. In order to mark the occasion, we’ve created a list of all the best things about Canada. So are you ready for Canada Day? You can bet we are!

1. Free Health Care

Canada Day - Public Health Care-minNo other country in the world cares for its citizens like Canada. Simply known as Medicare, it is a pillar of national pride. Canadians, are extremely proud that from birth all Canadians receive healthcare. Everybody in, nobody out. Unlike in the US, where it’s some people in, and the majority out.

Under Medicare, Canadians do not pay for essential medical services, like doctor visits. It is entirely tax-funded and prohibits private insurance companies charging for Medicare procedures. Around the world, it is often used as the example of how a healthcare service should work.

2. Poutine

Canada Day - Poutine-minIf you don’t love poutine, you’re not Canadian. Simple fact, poutine is one of the best foods on earth. If you haven’t tried it, poutine is a gooey, cheesy, melty, and salty bowl of delight. The standard recipe for poutine is French fries, gravy, and cheese curds. Basically, all the good stuff. During, the 1950’s this delectable dish was first created in Canada.

Despite, popular belief poutine does not originate from New Orleans. Fun fact, poutine also appears in the Guinness World Book of Records. In 2014, Brandon Manitoba broke the record for the largest poutine. Manitoba’s poutine weighed in at 1,949 lbs. We would be happy to live off poutine forever, just give us a fork.

3. Gambling Regulations

Baccarat LogoAnother great thing about Canada is having the freedom to enjoy online gambling. Although, technically it is still seen as a legal grey area. However, there is no chance that a S.W.A.T team will burst through your ceiling because you were playing online slot games. In fact, the first online casino in North America was founded in Canada.

Founded in British Columbia in 2010, many other territories have also set up online casinos. Rich Coleman who was the Housing & Social Minister said: “British Columbia may be the first to offer games, but I predict it won’t be the last.” Thanks to Canadian gambling regulations, Canadians can place a bet and enjoy online casino games. You can bet we’re happy about that.

4. Ryan Reynolds (aka Deadpool)

Canada Day - DeadpoolStar of the latest Hollywood hit Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds is Canadian. Born in Vancouver, Ryan Reynolds began his career in teen soap opera Hillside. Now, Ryan Reynolds is one of the biggest actors around. Staring in several box-office hits including the Marvel franchise Deadpool.

In a fitting tribute, Marvel’s super hero character Deadpool, real name ‘Wade Wilson’ is also Canadian. Marvel has listed the birthplace of Wade Wilson as ‘unspecified location in Canada’. If you ask us it makes perfect sense. Who else could play a badass superhero, other than a badass actor?

5. Legal Marijuana

Canada Day - Justin Trudeau Tweet

Yes, it is now legal to get high in Canada. On the 20th June 2018, Canada became the 2nd country in the world to legalise cannabis. In a momentous occasion, the Canadian government passed The Cannabis Act. The decision was announced by prime minister Justin Trudeau.

It was a particularly joyous occasion for Trudeau, as legalising cannabis was one of his key election promises. It is not often, politicians keep their word, so we are extra proud of Justin Trudeau. For Canadians it now means, it’s as legal to purchase weed as it is a delicious Tim Horton’s Honey Cruller.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Canada! You rock, and you are also very loved.

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