It’s no secret that professional athletes all share certain personality traits. Some of which come in handy Sports Betting - American Footballwhen climbing their way to the top. Confidence, competitivenessaggressiveness, as well as thrill-seeking, are just a few of the characteristics found in major sports stars. These traits are the reason why so many athletes are attracted to gambling. Recreational activities like betting offer the same high-charged atmosphere as there is on the court, field, or track.

In fact, gambling happens to be one such activity. If you consider yourself something of a sports fan, you’re probably familiar with the high-profile stars who enjoy casinos. It’s well known that Michael Jordan often engages in bombastic gambling escapades. While Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather is often bragging about his regular wins on casino games, and even college sports bets.    

Just like the US, Canada has both a thriving casino and sports industry. So it should be no surprise that our Canadian sports heroes like to enjoy both.

A Penchant For Poker

Casino Chip

Some of Canada’s most popular hockey players have also turned out to be pros at the poker table.

Gino Odjick,  ‘the Algonquin Assassin’ and Monreal-born Vincent Damphousse both turned to the game in their retirement. Vincent Damphousse even formed part of the Playground Poker Club on the Kahnawake reserve. 

Montreal goaltender Roberto Luongo has a developed a love for poker.  He has played poker in Florida, the World Series of Poker, and in online tournaments too.

An All-Time Legend

Most hockey fans would agree that Wayne Gretzky is the greatest Canadian hockey player of all time. In his career, Gretzky held a grand total of 60 unbeaten NHL records. He also has a net worth of around $200 million, so it’s no surprise that the guy is also a well-known high roller. Unfortunately, lady luck hasn’t been around. Most notably after having lost a few million in Vegas. Wayne Gretzky’s wife also made headlines for allegedly forming part of an illegal sports betting ring

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Around the world, Canadians have a reputation for being nice. 1000 Spins Festival PrizesFortunately, this niceness also tends to extend to sports stars who are renowned for their charitable efforts. The Sedin brothers, for example, are known for being involved in local charity work. They have also helped in organizing the annual Dice and Ice charity casino night to raise money for the Canucks For Kids Fund.

Famous Canadian baseball players, Ryan Dempster and Justin Morneau both organize annual casino night fundraisers. These events help to collect money for research on health conditions such as arthritis that affected close family members.

The Bad Guys

Sadly, not everyone can be a saint. There are some Canadian sports personalities who cross the line to enjoy casino gambling. Many have even headlines for controversial stories about their activities at casinos.

Cory Joseph and DeMarre Carroll from the Toronto Raptors were famously spotted betting the night before a big game. A game which the Toronto Raptors went on to lose, landing them in hot water

The Deal with Sports Betting

No questions, Canadian sports icons definitely enjoy casino gambling. Meanwhile, sports betting is a completely different ball game. The status of sports betting within Canada is still illegal. Although the recent decision of the US to give it the green light may encourage Canada to follow. In fact, a new deal between the NHL and MGM Resorts International may be a positive sign. In the meantime, sports stars and fans will have to continue waiting.

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