Canadian Workers Win Million Dollar Lottery

Photo Courtesy of Atlantic Lottery


From hard worker to millionaire overnight – it's the dream, right?

Last week on the 28th of February, 31 lucky Canadian oil refinery workers had their dream come true. The CA workers walked away with their share of C$61 million. The Lotto Max win is the largest prize awarded in Atlantic Canada, and one of the largest jackpots in Canadian lottery history.

Now that's something to write home about!

The 31 oil refinery workers are all from Newfoundland, Come by Chance. Well – they must like their chances now. Each winner will be getting C$1.9 million from the pool, after the seller's 1% is reducted from the prize. The winning ticket was sold at a Circle K. outlet in Holyrood, Newfoundland.

What will they do now?

Twin Casino WageringOut of the 31, 5 will be retiring as soon as possible and start making the most out of their almost $2 million.

However, the remaining 26 colleagues all belong to the same union and will be staying on the finish up a project at the refinery. Among them is Sherry Moore Hickey, who bought the winning ticket for the group.

“We’re union people. We do what we’re meant to do. This is our lives. We’re still going to work all day. We’re going to get up and we’re going to go back to work. We’re going to make everything better for everyone,” she commented.

Admirable words, given that they're now coming from millionaires.

How did they find out?

Canadian Lotteries - Lotto Max TicketIt was boilermaker Eugene Lewis who first checked the winning numbers and connected the dots at 4:30am on Saturday. Moore Hickey, whose husband Lee Hickey also bought part of the winning ticket, was quickly notified herself.

From there, she had the amazing task of telling the rest of the workers that they had become millionaires overnight, literally! According to CTV News, Moore Hickey sent out a text message to everyone.

“I told them all the same story, ‘We're millionaires! This is not a joke. We are millionaires. Check the tickets.'”

And it seems the replies were favorable, judging by her comments.

“I was told by 30 men that they all love me, so how many women have that happen to them?”

It's a rare occurrence indeed! But then again, it's even rarer to win a million playing Lotto Max.

It's even more of a rare occasion, given that 8 of the winners all live in Avondale, a small community of just around 600 people. And 3 of them live on the same street! Looks like things are looking up for these fortunate few. Other winners include a father and son, and twin brothers.

Read more about Lotto Max by clicking here, and buy yourself some online tickets to boot!

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