has always made sure to stay on top of the YouTube banning saga since it started last January. The latest development in this mystifying series of events is popular casino streaming platform Casino Grounds being banned. The difference this time round is that Casino Grounds isn't just an individual casino streamer, it's a whole company. A conglomeration of streamers if you will.

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The story so far is a little bit complicated, so hang in there while we do a small recap of the situation.

YouTube Streamer LetsGiveItASpin Banned Again - 404 Error

Streamers Banned in January, 2018

YouTube Banning Casino Streaming for GoodIn January, it was Casino Daddy and Letsgiveitaspin that were initially banned from the YouTube platform. Even then, there was no specific reason given by YouTube itself as to why the channels were taken down – and the rationale behind it remains elusive to this day.

Casino Daddy and Letsgiveitaspin, with a view count of 10 million and 8 million respectively at the time, were caught off guard by the ban. Fans just logged in one day to find that their channels had been ‘permanently' taken down. This proved not to be so, as a few days later they were back up and running on their previous accounts.

Streamers Banned in June, 2018

YouTube Streamer LetsGiveItASpin Banned Again - LogoThe other more recent ban that occurred in June was a little more shocking. Mostly because, aside from Letsgiveitaspin getting banned again, a whole bunch of other smaller accounts got banned as well. Some of these included names like Casinoreggie, Daskelele, TheBigJackpot and BrianChristopher Slots.

YouTube imposed ‘life' bans or 90-day bans on these channels at the time. Once again, it all proved not to be true. A few days later, and all the banned channels were back up having retained all subscribers and view counts.

Much like the events in January, YouTube did not specify why several casino streaming channels were getting banned one after the other. Some speculated that it might be to something as trivial as incorrect tagging of the videos – but nobody really knows.

Casino Grounds Banned July 2018

Casino Grounds LogoAnd now it seems that it's the turn of Casino Grounds to be out in the YouTube cold. The ban was first in place on Sunday, 15th July. Again, as we've got used to now, no justification was provided for the ban. Casino Grounds was first started up in 2014. Since then it has grown into a community for gamblers and casino streamers alike who want an idealized platform for communicating.

The website, and company, supports a number of casino streamers – such as Letsgiveitaspin, Slotspinner and DavidLabowsky. This ban is sure to be a hit for the community at large, but it's likely that this will follow the usual pattern. Meaning, the channel will be up and running within a few days.

After all and said is done, there's no knowing what's going to happen. If you want to receive up to date reports on what's happening on the casino streaming front, keep checking for all the latest updates.

We'll always bring you the latest in industry news.

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