Last weekend, the singer Drake was refused entry to Parq Vancouver Casino. Not for drunk behavior, but for failing to declare where his money had come from. Drake has accused the casino of racial profiling. Since the story broke Parq Vancouver Casino has been hit by a media frenzy.

On Instagram, Candian popstar Drake called Parq Vancouver ” The worst-run business I have ever witnessed … profiling me and not allowing me to gamble when I had everything they originally asked me for.”

Drake's 50 million Instagram followers quickly reacted posting on Parq Vancouver's profile. One user told the casino “Don't disrespect Drake like that ever again,”

Parq Vancouver Casino issued a statement in response ” Parq Vancouver is very sorry to hear about this experience and takes these matters very seriously,” said the director of resort marketing Narinder Nagra.

Opened late 2017, Parq Vancouver is one of the most popular land-based casinos in Canada. Costing around $640 million to build it features a casino, restaurants, and two hotels.

What happened to Drake at Parq Vancouver Casino?

As part of his stage tour, Drake was in Vancouver, British Columbia. On Friday 2rd November Drake entered Parq Vancouver Casino. Once at the casino, Drake wanted to enjoy some casino games.  No problems so far. It was only when the Canadian superstar went to make a deposit trouble started. When players try to deposit and play with over $10,000 cash, they are asked to say where the money came from. Even if they are superstars.

As Drake's bankroll went over the $10,000 limit a check was triggered. A source of funds check involves showing where you got your money. Casinos will also ask for a form of ID. This appears to be what upset the star.

Due to the media storm created the government had to step in. “The new rules that we have in B.C. are meant to apply universally,” Attorney General David Eby said to CTV. “Every person that goes into one is subject to the same rules and they apply without exception.”

David Elby made no mention of Drake when speaking.

Why do people need to declare their source of funds when gambling?Picture of Criminal

Simple, to prevent crime. It is annoying, but casinos need to be sure stolen or illegal cash isn't used by players. Sadly, casinos are a target for criminals to “clean money”. Also known as money laundering.

How do criminals launder money in casinos?

First criminals take their dirty (illegal) money to casinos. They then play and bet using it passing the dirty money to the casino. When they win and withdraw money it is now clean (not illegal).

Money laundering in casinos is a big problem. Which is why checks and regulations are in place. The government in British Columbia are trying to crack down on the problem. As reported by last year “Following a scandal that emerged in September, the Canadian government is allowing the BCLC more power in regulating and managing casinos. This will only affect British Columbia.

One of the measures casinos in British Columbia brought in was the source of funds check. Which is what led to the trouble with Drake. Currently, any player with cash of $10,000 or more will be subject to the same checks. Details needed for the source of funds check usually include ID, where the money came from, the name of the account used, the name of the bank used and receipt.

Refusal to provide these details means you can't play at the casino. In Drake's case, he was refused service at the casino, which caused his social media outburst. While Parq Vancouver has apologized Drake has not mentioned the incident again. In a statement, his people have said he will comment further.

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