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All Hallow’s Eve is upon us once again and as kids everywhere get excited about picking out their costumes and trick or treating, there are also a fair few grown-ups who look forward to this gruesome holiday just as much as the little ones. And why shouldn’t they? After all, Halloween started out as a pagan celebration of sorts that was very much geared towards adults rather than kids. While times have changed since then, there are multiple reasons why you shouldn’t feel ashamed of getting excited about Halloween, even if you are too old to be knocking on people’s doors and asking for candy.

Costume PartiesGhost halloween

Let’s face it, any holiday is a good excuse to party and Halloween is no different. What makes it stand out is that we get to put a little more effort into our look and transform into someone else entirely for the night, be it Frankenstein, one of the Ghostbusters’ gangs or a brain-eating zombie. Dressing up is definitely not just for kids and of course, there’s also the possibility that you might bump into a handsome vamp or a sexy witch and get down to some trick-or-treating of your own if you know what we mean.


Just like any other holiday, Halloween means you get to deck out the house with all kinds of fun paraphernalia without coming off as a weirdo, especially if you happen to live in a neighborhood where it’s taken seriously. Some people spend days leading up to Halloween embellishing their place with carved pumpkins, spooky lighting, makeshift gravestones, hanging ghosts, ‘Enter if You Dare’ signs, skull wreaths, dismembered body parts and other fun trinkets that are found in most stores nowadays for this very purpose.

Superstitions Come Alivehalloween witch

Halloween is that time of the year when even the most skeptic among us might allow themselves to wonder if there could be some truth to all the myths and stories we’ve heard about the supernatural. From the presence of spirits to the occult, UFO sightings, and other paranormal activity, there are no limits to just what might happen on Halloween. Many take this opportunity to get into the spirit of things by engaging in full-on horror/thriller movie marathons or orchestrating frightfully delightful pranks on your faint-hearted friends.


Themed Games

Halloween Jack Slot 2018

Games aren’t just for kids either and Halloween is a great time to organize a different kind of get-together with your friends by planning a night of good, old-fashioned themed games. Why not coordinate a Halloween-themed trivia night, a scary twist on the popular game of Heads-up, or go all out with a classic murder-mystery party? The possibilities are endless!

If you’re more of a solo Halloweener, not to worry as there’s still much fun to be had by playing online Halloween themed games which will keep you bone-chillingly occupied for the rest of the night. Not sure where to start?

Check out the very latest slot game to be released on the market, Halloween Jack, launched by everyone’s favorite software provider, NetEnt. Jam-packed with leering jack-o-lanterns, sinister crows, skeletons rising from graves and other hair-raising sights as well as a creepy soundtrack to boot, this is one fun slot that will get you right in the mood for the spooky season!

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