Fernando de Oliveira - Lotto 649-min
Fernando de Oliveira. Photo – Lotto 6/49

Lotto 6/49 is once again making the headlines as another lucky Canadian has been made a millionaire overnight thanks to this popular lottery. Lotto 6/49 is renowned up and down the country for its huge main prizes and generous additional prizes. Just one week after turning a couple from Nova Scotia into multimillionaires, it has been confirmed that a man from Montreal has found himself in possession of one of two winning tickets to the main prize, leaving the Montrealer with a prize of CA$8,539,083.

This lucky man is Fernando de Oliveira and he is a regular lotto player. His loyalty to Lotto 6/49 paid off on the July 22 draw, when all the numbers including the bonus one matched the ones on his ticket. This has been confirmed recently by Loto-Québec, who said that there were two winning tickets, one of which was purchased in Montreal before the draw. The Crown corporation issued the same reminder for the winners not to forget to claim the prize within the 52-week timeframe.

Mr Oliveira could hardly believe his eyes

The reminder is not without cause as the lottery had come and gone but no winner called in to claim the cash payout on the day. This is because Mr de Oliveira only found out the amazing news on the following day when he remembered to check the numbers. He could hardly believe his eyes when he saw that the numbers matched the ones on his piece of paper. In fact, he immediately went to the shop in Kirkland where he had purchased the ticket to confirm that this was no joke.

Still in disbelief, he also asked his daughter-in-law to download the Loto-Québec app on her phone so that he could scan his ticket. The news finally started sinking in when he got a text from the app, once again confirming that his was the winning ticket. Mr de Oliveira had bought the ticket from Canadian Tire Essence Plus in Kirkland, and the retailer stands to receive CA$85,390 in commission.

The numbers drawn were 05, 14, 19, 42, 46 and 47, with the bonus number 08. These will surely remain Mr de Oliveira’s lucky numbers, whose plans are to travel the world when the pandemic calms down, and to spoil his family rotten.

Who is the other mystery winner?

However, Mr de Oliveira is not the only lucky individual of the July 22 draw as in total, there were two people who held the winning ticket. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation confirmed that the other winning ticket was sold in the Ottawa region, but so far, no one has laid claim to the multi million cash payout and there is no other information known about the second winner. This individual also has 12 months from the day of the draw to claim their prize, so people who had purchased a ticket for the draw in question from the Ottawa region are being urged to check their drawers, bags and pockets for any misplaced Lotto 6/49 tickets.

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