Michael Buble Secret Poker ringBeloved singer song-writer Michael Bublé has cracked some jokes about uniting fellow Canadian celebrities in a ‘secret' poker ring of sorts. The 42 year old, massively popular for songs like Feeling Good and Haven't Met You Yet, gave a nod to the contemporary famous Canadians in a passing comment.

While Bublé was just joking around in response to a question about where all the famous Canadians hang out, we'd pay good money to be a spy on the wall of that particular poker game! The Canadian singer name-dropped quite a few celebs in the mix, claiming that the poker ring would have the likes of Ryan Reynolds, Seth Rogen, Celine Dion, Alanis Morissette, Justin Bieber and even Drake. Phew, now that's an all-star team!

How the Secret Poker Ring Came About

It's all hypothetical here, but something tells us Drake wouldn't be the one taking home the cash. Maybe Ryan Reynolds or Celine Dion though. Or Seth Rogen. We have a feeling Seth Rogen has played plenty of poker in his life-time.

The Niagara Falls Review quotes Bublé as stating:

Yeah there's a poker night with Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Seth Rogen, me, Celine (Dion), Alanis (Morissette), Justin Bieber, Drake sometimes pops in. Can you imagine?

Having recently been on the same stage with Celine Dion, Bublé also went on the comment on the sort of camaraderie that is to be found between Canadian celebs:

I think UK celebrities are similar in that if you're in a room you do find each other there's a little [wink] but I know Celine and I love her. I was with her on stage recently. She's so sweet! She went to her crew, ‘Tell me what to do and I'll execute,' and I was like wow that's great strength. The first time I ever met her I was 24. I had no record deal, nothing, and I was brought on as one of the kids and I was introduced to her back stage. I was really nervous and she was so kind and held my hand and said, ‘Your hand is freezing' and it pumped me up so much before I went on.

It gave me so much confidence when something like that happens, when people are like that, I remind myself that it's my responsibility to pass it on.

Would Canadians Even Be Any Good at Poker?

Canada Maple Leaf SymbolIt's heart warming to see the Canadian spirit so strong even in the world of the stars. Which makes us wonder what a poker game among an all-Canadian cast would look like. Too nice to go for the jugular? Too polite to try and screw over another player? Who knows! It might just be myth, because as Bublé further commented:

I think [Canadians] can be a little cold at times. I can walk into an elevator in New York and say to an average American, ‘I like your shoes,' and we can have a conversation, which is fun, engaging.

“In Canada I can say, ‘I like your shoes,' and they'll say, ‘Thank you.' And that will be the end of the conversation.

While Bublé's comment was all fun and games, you have to ask yourself if something like a secret Canadian poker ring already exists. Maybe one day it really will! Until then, we can only hope.

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