smartphone According to a new report from video game metadata firm EEDAR in collaboration with market intelligence agency Sensor Tower, there was a 5 % increase in mobile gaming players last year when compared to 2017.

The report, entitled ‘Deconstructing Mobile & Tablet Gaming 2019′ showed that a whopping 210.9 out of the 283.2 million mobile users in North America prefer playing from their smartphone or tablet. This is not surprising in fact, considering that mobile iGaming revenues have continued to rise in Canada and the US according to games industry analyst Mat Piscatella, from the NPD Group with the industry now representing the largest segment in the gaming market.

Piscatella also went to say that 60% of North American residents regularly prefer to play on mobile due to the larger variety of games on offer. Many more titles have now become available on mobile platforms, including popular favourites such as Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga, Pokémon Go and Fortnite.

Higher Activity Registered Among Smartphone Users

mobile user The report highlighted the fact that mobile games are highly appealing across various demographics and audiences thanks to their accessibility. Those playing from smartphones tend to log in every single day while these figures are less consistent for tablet users, who only log in a few times a week. This is in line with the report’s general trends for tablet use whcih are naturally not as handy as our smartphones throughout the day.

In fact, 83% of table users are children and adolescents with only 54% being adults and teenagers. The latter are a lot more likely to get their gaming fix from their smartphones (92%), as opposed to the 63% who are children.

Android Tops Mobile Gaming Sector

android There’s no denying that iPhones are highly popular among gamers, Android surpasses Apple when it comes to mobile gaming mostly thanks to their more affordable pricing which appeals to a wider range of budgets. That being said, using more than 1 device is more popular with iOS products with 44% of users gaming from both iPhones and iPads while this figure fell to 33% for Android users.

As for 2019, he global iGaming industry is expected to soar in value once again after hitting a new record of $137.9 billion last year. It will be interesting to see what new trends this year has in store for mobile casino gaming; with new technology and investment coming into the market, we expect VR and AR to be the next big thing.

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