Canada Maple Leaf SymbolIn 2015, Justin Trudeau was sworn in as Canada’s 23rd prime minister. He was also the second youngest Canadian prime minister at the time.

After 2 years in power, Justin and the Liberal Party are still topping the polls. This has greatly increased Justin Trudeau’s odds of winning a second term. Next year’s election will be held on 21st October 2019.

During his first term, Justin Trudeau has managed to achieve a great many things. From creating a twitter war with Trump to legalising Cannabis. This has helped bolster “Trudeaumania” across Canada. Meaning that is very likely Justin Trudeau will be re-elected next year. However, at we decided to look a little closer at the prime minister. Below, we have listed the pros and cons of Justin Trudeau.

Pro: Trudeau – Trump Twitter War

Donald Trump Tweet Screenshot

It seems that every other week Donald Trump is starting a Twitter war. After, and during the G7 summit, Justin Trudeau became the latest victim. Trump took to Twitter to bash Trudeau after announcing new tariffs on Canadian Goods. Justin Trudeau responded by calling the new tariffs ‘insulting’.

Something which didn’t sit too well with Donald Trump. World leaders and Canadians have since rallied around to support Justin Trudeau. In a separate interview, Justin Trudeau has said Canada ‘would not be pushed around’.

Con: Slow to Move on Corrupt Canadian Casinos

As reported by, River Rock Casino has been caught up claims of corruption again. The popular land-based casino based in British Columbia is no stranger to allegations. In September 2017, River Rock was caught out in a money laundering scheme. Regulations were promised, however little was done.

Considering that, gambling is worth over $10 billion dollars in Canada, it should deserve more attention. Prime minister Trudeau has effectively done nothing to reign in these ‘rogue casino’. Which means Canadian players are left vulnerable to shady practices. In our own article, suggested switching to online casinos where players are better protected.

Pro: Helped Legalized Marijuana

Justin Trudeau Twitter Tweet

Legalising Cannabis was a key election promise of Justin Trudeau back in 2015. Almost three years later and he has succeeded. On 20th June Canada became the second country in the world to legalize Cannabis. In 2013, Uruguay became the first country to legalize the sale of Cannabis for recreational use.

A number of US States including California, have also legalized the sale of marijuana. Delivering on election promises is a rarity for politicians. Something which should bode well for him in next year’s elections. No doubt, it is likely to make the Conservative’s green with envy.

Con: Needs to get tough on Trump

Weed Approved-minIf Justin Trudeau is to be re-elected, he needs to get tougher. Especially, when it comes to dealing with the US and Donald Trump. Even Donald Trump seems to agree as he called Justin Trudeau ‘meek and mild’ at the G7 summit. Sadly, Justin Trudeau has done little to disprove this.

In response to Donald Trump’s tariffs, the prime minister did little but promise retaliatory tariffs. Something which isn’t likely to be in Canada’s best interest. At the same time, Canada cannot be pushed around by America or Trump. Justin Trudeau, can also not afford to look ‘meek’ in front of conservative leader Andrew Scheer.

Will Justin Trudeau be re-elected? – Most likely yes

Although, there is a still a year to go people are already speculating the result. So far, the odds are in Justin Trudeau’s favour. Provided there are no huge scandals in the next year, this shouldn’t change.

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