Over the years, characters like the infamous James Bond have pushed the idea of gambling as a male activity. After all, most of us will have seen Bond-like characters engaged in a game of baccarat or poker with a beautiful girl or two cheering them on.Picture of Man

According to experts, there is some truth to this stereotype. Research from 2015 shows that only around 14% of gamblers were women. However, more recent research shows around 41% of women have engaged in some form of gambling activity. Indicating that female gamblers are a market that gambling operators should be targeting

At present, many online casinos have jumped on the bandwagon and started focusing on the female demographic. The general trend to engage the fairer sex is by pushing casino games which have a more social theme.

Why has the female market been ignored?

Simple, in the past males made up over 85% of the casino market. Adverts and casinos were created with only male players in mind. Meaning that women were left out when it came to marketing campaigns. Of Femalecourse, women still enjoyed gambling but on a smaller scale. With casinos failing to attract female players, women were ignored.

The portrayal of women by the casino world also didn't help. Many gambling ads only served to sexualize women. Hardly appealing to the wider female market.

More Gender-Neutral Casino Games

Interestingly, poker has become one of the most popular casino games among female players. Female players like Victoria Coren Mitchell and Kristen Bicknell are helping to fix pokers male image. In fact, there are now online poker rooms which are just for females. These poker rooms feature female friendly graphics and live matches. Women-only poker rooms also exist for women looking for more of a community vibe.

Slot games are the leading online casino game for women. Game titles and themes are becoming increasingly more sensitive to gender inclusivity. Many providers are also rejecting overly-sexualized images

This is evident in slot games such as Jumanji, Ice, Ice Yeti and Jingle Spin. Free Spins Bonus - Slot Machine

All of which feature neutral characters. Software providers are also making an effort to create strong female characters. This should help draw in more female casino players.

An Evolving iGaming Industry

Previously, bingo was the only casino game associated with women. As a result, this gave rise to many overly feminized ‘ladies’ bingo sites. Bingo ads often had horrible pink designs that put females off. Online sites also relied on too many ‘female icons'. Lipsticks, feather boas, and jewelry often featured heavily. Thankfully, the ‘pink era' is now over.

In the future, it is likely we will see more changes across online casinos. For one, the use of female sex appeal to attract male players is likely to end. Diversity will also be a key focus, which will lead to a better variety of casino games. Slot games, in particular, will focus more on making strong female characters. Rather than the bikini-clad babes, casino players are used to seeing. With these changes in mind, there is no reason why the female market won't continue to grow. 

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