There are online slots of various shapes and sizes out there. It's no surprise that gaming providers have also tapped into the massively popular Disney franchise. Iconic characters, beloved the world over, have been interpreted from movie screens to slot screens. With some generous cash-outs to top it off!

While these slots aren't outright brands of the franchise – it's pretty difficult to miss the similarities. See if you can spot them straight away just from the screenshots of the slots. Now, let's take a look at some of our favorite Disney inspired slot!

Play Disney inspired slots at these online casinos!



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7. 3 Genie Wishes, Pragmatic Play

3 Genie Wishes Slot Gameplay-min

Clearly modeled on Aladdin, 3 Genie Wishes features characters that have a striking resemblance to Aladdin himself, Jasmine, the Genie, Abu and Jafar. From the Middle Eastern sound-track, to the turrets in the background, you should definitely give 3 Genie Wishes a try if your favorite song is ‘A Whole New World'.

If that's not enough to convince you, here are some stats for 3 Genie Wishes:

  • 50 paylines
  • Instant win feature
  • 96.53% RTP

Play 3 Genie Wishes for free!

6. Rapunzel's Tower, Quickspin

Rapunzel's Tower Slot Gameplay

Calling all the Rapunzel and Flynn Rider fans! Quickspin‘s Rapunzel's Tower gives its own take on the classic fairytale of the princess with the long golden locks. The whole cast from Tangled is in there: Rapunzel, her prince, the King, the Queen, the evil witch and all the rest.

What makes this slot especially exciting is the Tower Feature. Unlock this, and you'll get to help the Prince climb up Rapunzel's hair to get to the top of the tower. You can keep re-triggering free spins to help you along your journey. Exciting stuff!

Here are a few additional perks:

  • Volatility that fluctuates between medium to high
  • Respins, free spins and a bonus game
  • 96.25% RTP

Play Rapunzel's Tower for free!

5. Jungle Books, Yggdrasil

Jungle Books Slot Gameplay

It's time to take a trip down memory lane, into the world of an Indian forest. With the Jungle Books slot from Yggdrasil, players can go on an adventure of their own with Bagheera, Baloo and even Shere Khan as you reenact the 1967 Disney adaptation of The Jungle Book. Traverse the extent of the jungle, and spin your way to a happy ending.

Not only is this a visually stunning slot, but it also has a lot of awesome facets. Characters can team up in duos to make those wins happen for the player by adding their feature to the mix. You'll never get bored playing this slot, thanks to the sheer amount of features:

  • Jungle Books has a total of 48 features, with as many as 3 active at the same time
  • 58 or 68 paylines active depending on the ‘realm' you're playing in
  • Stacked Wilds, Spreading Wilds, Win Both Ways and much more

Play Jungle Books for free!

4. Tarzan, Microgaming

Tarzan Slot Gameplay-min

Me Tarzan, you Jane. Or something like that. Microgaming has gone all out with animating this classic story of ape-raised Tarzan, who crosses paths with shored-up British explorers. The slot itself is reminiscent of the style used by the 1999 Disney movie of the same name. For a Microgaming slot, this is an especially graphically accomplished product with loads of interactive features.

Swing with Tarzan, take a few spins – just another afternoon.

Of course, the Microgaming product packs a few goodies the film does not:

  • Maximum win of 2750x your original stake
  • Bonus Wheel feature which could cash out big
  • 40 paylines

3. Cinderella's Ball, Red Tiger

Cinderella's Ball Slot Gameplay-min

Red Tiger's Cinderella's Ball slot is a bit more stripped down than any of the other slots on this list. But we really like it for its simplicity, its focus on the elegant fairy-tale, and – its relatively frequent payouts. Trigger the Slipper Trail – start that chain of Wild symbol drops, and follow it to both your riches and Cinderella's riches!

You can even follow Cinderella all the way to the magical ball, for an extra special cash treat. There's plenty of other features along the way to keep the adventure interesting.

Here are another few perks that make Cinderella's Ball such a fun slot:

  • Win up to 800x your stake
  • High volatility for those big wins
  • Over 7 features each with its own bonus

Play Cinderella's Ball for free!

2. Snow Wild & the Seven Features, Red Tiger

Snow Wild and the Seven Features Slot Gameplay-min

Once upon a time there was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and now there's Snow Wild and the Seven Features. The latter is significantly more rock ‘n roll than the 1937 classic Disney film – give that this Snow White is all tatt'd up. Plus, her posse of dwarfs are slightly different than what we've come to know. Some of their names are now ‘Boozy', ‘Flash' and ‘Crazy'. Yeah, just a tad different on the mythology there.

One thing's for sure – we seriously doubt this Snow White needs a prince to come to her rescue any time soon! All she needs is a flagon of beer, her merry dwarfs, and more importantly – cash in her pocket.

Snow Wild rocks our socks for a number of reasons. Here's just a few:

  • Highly volatile which makes for more frequent big wins
  • Every dwarf, and Snow Wild herself, has a corresponding special feature (i.e. 8 features)
  • Payout rate is surprisingly decent for this slot

Play Snow Wild and the Seven Features slot for free!

1. Peter and the Lost Boys, Push Gaming

Peter and the Lost Boys Slot Gameplay-min

Probably one of the sweetest slots (and movies) around – Peter and the Lost Boys from Push Gaming is sure to serve as a blast of nostalgia. For any of you that grew up with the 1953 version of Disney's Peter Pan. Although, this slot represents the time before Peter met Wendy and her brothers. When it was just Peter and the Lost Boys up to their usual escapades around Neverland.

The slot version has the same vibe of childhood innocence and boyish sense of mischief. Complete with light and airy soundtrack to offset the whole spinning experience.

There's more to Peter Pan and the Lost Boys than meets the eye. Namely:

  • Maximum win of C$80,000
  • 96.53% RTP
  • Linking Wilds feature, instant wins and free spins

Play Peter and the Lost Boys for free!

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