There’s plenty of reasons to love Saturday mornings, and one extremely lucky person in Calgary has more reason to do so than most – waking up a newly-minted multi-millionaire.

A single Lotto Max ticket purchased in Calgary on Friday won the $65 million lottery jackpot, with a ticket containing the seven winning numbers — 20, 31, 35, 36, 39, 42 and 44 – according to the Western Canada Lottery Corp (WCLC).

The fortunate Calgarian who beat the odds is now tied for the biggest ever win in Canadian history, and the biggest win ever in the province of Alberta.


However, the mystery person has not yet stepped forward to claim their mega prize.

WCLC’s Kevin van Egdom said that he hoped the winner would soon come forward. “At this point, I’m really hoping people will check their tickets,” he said.

“I get really anxious about a $65-million piece of paper floating around out there, so I would encourage someone to call us sooner than later.”

“It’s very exciting to have it in our region. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to find out you’re the person holding that winning ticket.”

The mystery Calgarian now holds the title of biggest winner in Canadian history, along with a family from Montreal, who won $65 million in the Lotto Max draw on 11th June.

Before this win was announced, the previous highest amount was a $60 million Lotto Max prize claimed in August by a landscaper in Edmonton, who took all of 10 months to step forward with the winning ticket.


Lottery winners have 52 weeks to step forward and claim their prize, so it’s possible that the Calgary winner is taking their sweet time and making the necessary arrangements before swooping in to cash out the ticket which will change their life forever.

Another pair of victorious Calgarians, Larry and Glenda McBride, who won a million dollars on the August 28 Lotto 6/49 draw, only stepped forward to claim their prize this month.

The couple, who bought the winning ticket at their regular spot at Shoppers Drug Mart in the Northland Village Shopping Centre, said that they were likely to use their prize money to travel abroad.

“We’ve always enjoyed travelling,” said Mrs McBride. “We’ve been to a bunch of places and I’m sure now we’ll find a bunch of new places.”

“But now, we might upgrade to first class.”

Lotto 6/49 and Lotto MAX are the two most popular lottery games in Canada. With each one offering twice-weekly draws, these games have been responsible for changing countless lives through their generous payouts.

Canadian Lotteries - Lotto 6/49

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