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On Monday of last week, video platform YouTube started banning popular casino streamers' accounts. The first line that fell victim to this ban included names like LetsGiveItASpin – commonly referred to by his first name ‘Kim' among his fans. Letsgiveitaspin was banned from his account mid-stream, when the player was spinning his way through the NextGen slot, Foxin' Wins.

More recent developments after that, however, saw this ban spread to more and more casino streamers. Rather than placing a ban on individual accounts, it seems like the platform has officially banned all casino live streaming.

What does this mean for casino streamers and their viewers alike?

Streamers Banned in January 2018

YouTube Streamer LetsGiveItASpin Banned Again - LogoSomething similar has already happened in January of this year.

Back then, LetsGiveItASpin and fellow streamer CasinoDaddy both found themselves banned from YouTube for the first time. reported on the incident immediately. The message that was displayed on the banned accounts' is the same as the one currently being displayed:

This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy against spam, deceptive practices, and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations.

To this day, much like last week's incident, YouTube's justification behind this action remains vague (at best).

Although at the time, YouTube issued the casino streamers an email explaining that they would not be allowed to contest the ban – the same does not seem to apply for the events in May 2018.

After the January ban, both LetsGiveItASpin and CasinoDaddy had their YouTube accounts restored to full working order, despite YouTube's claim to the otherwise. Whether this will be the case this time round remains to be seen.

Why is YouTube Banning Casino Streaming?

As already mentioned, this is anyone's guess.

The only real piece of information we have so far is that some accounts are being banned for life, while others have only a 90 day ban imposed. This following a notice posted by LetsGiveItASpin himself on the casino streaming platform, Casino Grounds:

Casino Streamers Officially Banned from YouTube - casino ground post

As the post points out, the streamers currently with a permanent ban are: Casinoreggie, Daskelele, TheBigJackpot, BrianChristopher Slots and of course, LetsGiveItASpin himself. It remains unclear as to how YouTube has decided to distinguish between casino streaming accounts when doling out permanent bans or 90 day bans.

This, especially when considering that the top casino streamer on YouTube – Rocknrolla– remained up and running without issue throughout the entire process. So far, of course. The second strongest casino streamer, Casinodaddy, seems to have landed the 90 day restriction instead of the life ban.

Is the YouTube ban on casino streaming for life?

The question obviously only applies to those who so far have only been banned permanently.

And the good news for loyal casino streaming fans is that – no, it doesn't seem to be permanent at all. The latest tweet from LetsGiveItASpin confirms as much –



‘Good to see you've gotten your channels back as well @justbrianc, @thebigjackpotli. Feel free to share if you got any updates with regards to live streaming casino content', commented the casino streamer.

Kim himself has also got his channel back, meaning he still has all his views and subscribers.

But, don't be fooled. The situation right now seems to be that, while casino streamers are indeed gaining their channels again, they still cannot stream live. Given that the pivotal focus of casino streaming is – you guessed it – live streaming, this remains a hot issue. Casino streamers will have to stick to Twitch if the YouTube regulations remain as such. And, although they have a bigger audience there, the views (and money) is less.

How would this affect casino streamers?

Although casino streamers are largely based on the Twitch platform, the blow that this development deals to their careers is no joke. While streamers seem to be getting access to their YouTube accounts back, they still cannot do what they do best – live stream.

Here are just a few statistics on CasinoDaddy and LetsGiveItASpin from 2017:

Casino Streamers Officially Banned from YouTube - casinodaddy

As you can see, although the streamer has far more followers on Twitch than on YouTube, the view count on YouTube outstrips the one on Twitch by far. Since 2017, the number for this has only gone up and up. It is therefore a substantial set-back for CasinoDaddy to have his account banned, even if it is only for 90 days.

The same much applies to LetsGiveItASpin:

Casino Streamers Officially Banned from YouTube - letsgiveitaspin

Following the usual pattern, although he has more subscribers on Twitch, he has/had many more views on YouTube. There's no telling what long-lasting effect this will have on Kim and his team, along with all the other casino streamers caught up in YouTube's regulations.

Perhaps, despite YouTube's best efforts, this might just be a waiting game until the streamers regain full operation of their accounts again. As with the case in January, only time will tell.

Stay tuned to for further updates on the situation regarding YouTube banning casino streaming!

Read up on the January 2018 YouTube Ban in more detail here.

UPDATE 08/06/2018: LetsGiveItASpin and other streamers have now regained access to live streaming on Youtube.

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