NETELLER has been a trusted e-wallet for over a decade for both individuals and businesses. It is owned and operated by Optimal Payments PLC and was founded in 1999 in Canada with its headquarters being located on the Isle of Man. Neteller processes transactions worth billions of dollars and operates under the strict rules of the United Kingdom Financial Service Authority, which compels that all account holder funds are kept in separate accounts, ensuring that users will never suffer any losses should anything happen to the company. The strict set of rules also includes a list of requirements concerning security to ensure that the latest security technology is used at all times.


Fast Paying Casinos - Cash and CoinsMillions of clients around the globe use Neteller to pay and get paid across thousands of online sites. Currently, its services are accessible in over 200 countries with transactions being possible in almost all currencies. Neteller became vastly popular within a very short time period and quickly saw more than 80% of all transactions between players and online casinos being processed by the company. Neteller’s services do not include any form of credit and should not be thought of as a bank. Rather, it is a secure and safe online service offering a professional method of fund transfer to both online casinos as well as online merchants. The service is remarkably popular with people who wish to keep their personal details anonymous due to the fact that Neteller has a long established history of providing account holders with secure online shopping and banking services.

Neteller is the most commonly used e-wallet service for those who wish to process deposits and withdrawals with online gambling establishments. Neteller transfers are simple, secure, and fast, with instant money transfers. You can transfer money to Neteller from several other e-wallets, in-house account transfers, and via credit cards or bank accounts. Fund transfers to online casinos are instant, and funds are available for play immediately after the transfer is confirmed. Withdrawn Funds can be processed directly to your bank account and or withdrawn via thousands of ATMs around the globe through the Neteller debit Mastercard.


Fast Paying Casinos - Casino PaymentsThe answer is yes! Neteller is one of the most trusted payment online system in the world and utilizes the latest anti-fraud systems, security features, and tools to guarantee that all account holders are covered against risk of fraud. Although additional precautions can provide added protection such as regularly reviewing your transaction history, never sharing your Neteller account information and always update your computer system including its security.

Neteller has various measures installed to guarantee that your funds are secure at all times so as to protect both your personal information and money remain safe at all times. Security measures used include industry-standard encryption used for all sensitive informationhighly secured data center for storing user informationregular backups and redundant systems are in place to safeguard your transactional history, 24/7 transaction and account monitoring by live security agents and computer systems and as well as 24/7 customer service for any immediate questions or concerns. In addition, the company is in compliance with all regulations set forth by the international financial regulator and thereby providing peace of mind.

Where can I use NETELLER?

Credit Card Payment Option - Online CasinosNeteller can be used in over 200 different countries for online shopping and casino entertainment. Renowned as one of the very first online payment services, trusted by millions, all online stores are pleased to accept Neteller for all service payments. The service is easy to use, uncomplicated, as well as hassle-free and payments are almost instantly.

Unfortunately, despite this 200 country count, Canada is not included in the list at this point. Therefore, NETELLER should definitely not be the payment method of choice for CA players.

Register for an account

History of Online GamblingRegistering for Neteller is easy, fast and free. Registration details required include your email address, selecting a password, choosing your preferred currency, and personal information.

The personal information section requires your legal first name, last name, date of birth, gender, street address, country of residence, city, province, zip code or postal code and contact numbers. Before registration can be completed new members, need to accept the terms and conditions as well as privacy policy. Upon account registration, you are free to fund your account and proceed to make deposits or purchases with merchants that accept Neteller as a form of payment.

NETELLER summary

Neteller is flexible, international and offers more payment options than any other online services. When it comes to flexibility, Neteller offers the widest range of payment options for retail, entertainment, travel, social networks, dating, financial services and online casino gaming.

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