Pragmatic Play are bringing Canada a little culture from the Far East with a trickily-named video slot called Caishen’s Cash. A little googling told me that Caishen is the Chinese God of Wealth, which is fairly fitting for a slot lined with gold coins. Volatility is set at Medium, leaving the online casino with an edge of 3.5%. It’s a pretty standard house edge, but I’ve definitely seen better.

The grid is made up of 5 reels spread across 243 ways to win, helped along by some pretty interesting bonus features. Let’s dig a little deeper and find out what Caishen is bringing to this Chinese-themed party.

  • Packed with features which keep the game exciting
  • Good volatility for frequent wins
  • You can win additional free spins in the Money Re-spin feature
  • The Free Spin feature can’t be re-triggered
  • The theme is very niche and not necessarily everybody’s cup of tea
  • The features will take you a while to figure out
TYPE Video Slot
REELS AND PAYLINES 5 reels, 243 paylines
GAME FEATURES Jackpot, Free Spins, Money Re-spin, Money Symbols
RANGE OF BET 25.00 to 250
COIN VALUES 0.01, 0.03, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50
MAXIMUM WIN 1,000 x your bet
PAYOUT 96.50%

Theme and Background

The Chinese theme will smack you in the face the second you feast your eyes on Caishen’s Cash’s bright and glittering grid. It’s like a Chinese New Year celebration taken to an extravagant level, leaving behind a trail of gold coins and lucky cats. But let’s put my personal preferences aside here for a second and look at it objectively – visually, Caishen’s Cash doesn’t feel very sophisticated.

The graphics are pretty basic and animation is limited. The gilded symbols feel old-fashioned and all this was compounded by some of the cheesiest music I’ve ever heard accompanying a slot. Think of the most cliched Chinese tune you can think of, and imagine that set to endless repeat. So if you’re a ‘sound on’ kind of person, you’ll be spinning the reels to the tune of cheerfully stilted twangs.

But initial complaints aside, I made an effort to tune out my instinctive displeasure, and soon started to enjoy the extreme cuteness of it all. The bright colors, cheerful characters (a grinning Caishen himself, gold coins, a little boy and girl, and lucky cats) and upbeat soundtrack make it a nice change from some of the darker slots out there. There are many who favor this theme and, if that’s your go-to in terms of slots, you’ll certainly enjoy Caishen’s Cash.


The game function and special features of Caishen’s Cash are probably more impressive than the actual look and feel of the slot. Here’s what you can expect.

Caishen's Cash Wild Symbol


The first best thing about Cashien’s Cash is that it comes with not 1, but 4 fixed jackpots. The prize money ranges from 25x, 50x, 100x and 1000x so whichever one you hit should bring in a decent haul.

How do you scoop up the winnings? Look out for the Wild symbol on the reels because this when your jackpot gets randomly triggered. If you succeed then you’ll be taken to a new screen laid out with 12 golden coins. You’ll need to click on these and hope to reveal 3 matching jackpot symbols to win.

Caishen's Cash Gold Coin Symbol

Money Symbols

You’ll notice these symbols as soon as you start spinning. They’re the gold coins that have random monetary values written across in green. Once you land 6 or more of these youll activate the bonus game.

Two options will then flash up on your screen, inviting you to select between ‘Free Spins’ or a ‘Money Re-spin’. What to choose? Read below to make an informed decision.

Caishen's Cash Money Cat Symbol

Free Spins

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. You’ll be given 8 free spins plus the removal of all low paying symbols from your grid. That means you’ll be playing with just the high paying symbols and Wilds, making significant wins for each spin much more likely.

Even better news is that the Money Symbols (described above) also apply during the Free Spins feature, and these wins are awarded on top of anything else you might scoop up. The combination means that at the top end, this feature could wind up paying out up to 20,000 x your bet.

Caishen's Cash Jade Coin Symbol

Money Re-spin

On the other hand, opting for the Money Re-spin brings a whole other host of benefits. Once you select it your screen will transform into a new set of reels altogether, made up of 15 positions, some of which are just waiting to be filled. The occupied positions are made up of all the money symbols that triggered the feature in the previous spin. You get started with 6 re-spins, each of which could achieve:

– The green money symbol, which takes the total value of all standard money symbols present on the reels and adds it to your total

– The blue money symbol, which takes the total value of all green money symbols as well as the standard ones and adds it to your total

– A +1 re-spin, which obvious awards you an additional spin

Each time a landing symbol fills a position it will stick (all will except for the +1 re-spins). The round will end either when all your positions are filled, or when you run out of re-spins, whichever comes first.

Payouts and Wagering Limits

You’ll find the usual low value symbols on the reels, made up of 9, 10, J, Q, K. The highest paying symbol is obviously the Chinese God Caishen himself. Landing in the middle are the lucky cat (more officially known as a Maneki-neko cat), a young boy, and a young girl (his sister?). In terms of payouts, cross your fingers to land 5 God Caishen symbols and youll get paid out at 6x your bet.

There’s also decent value to be found in the Wild symbol, but it only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4. This will substitute for all symbols except the scatter and is responsible for triggering the Jackpot. There are 243 winning combinations in Caishen’s Cash, across a scale of paltry to healthy, but they come quite frequently so you could be rewarded much better than you think for Medium volatility.

Final Verdict

Caishen's Cash 268 x 214

Final Verdict

Caishen’s Cash


This was very much a love/hate situation for me. If I’m being brutally honest, I found the theme somewhat overwhelming and it wasn’t really to my taste. But if you’re a fan of anything and everything to do with Chinese traditions, then Caishen’s Cash is very much of your alley. The slot is nicely put together, and the special features are exciting and original. The potential for nice wins is high and it does without the punishing dry spins that come part and parcel with higher volatility games. Go for the big bucks by selecting Free Spins, or take a more stable option with the Money Re-spins for almost guaranteed (if not huge) winnings.

The God of Wealth truly does live up to his name. My advice? Turn the sound down, and have a good time.

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