castle builder 2
Microgaming and Rabcat have teamed up in order to create this amazing sequel to the original Castle Builder. The first game, launched in 2013, won Microgaming the EGR Award for Game of the Year. And with good reason, Castle Builder has brought new meaning to the idea of ‘gamification’ in the online casino world. Castle Builder 2 isn’t any different either in terms of innovation. With 15 different kingdoms to explore, 3 customizable avatars and over 300 characters to go through and interact with – Castle Builder 2 is one of the most engaging slots we’ve ever come across. And it doesn’t pay-out half bad either. To find out more about this highly exciting slot, continue reading the full Castle Builder 2 slot review.

Slots Features

+ PROSYou’re not just playing a slot, you’re playing a full on online game with levels, characters and different game worlds to explore.Free spins, wilds and bonus rounds are craftily integrated into the gameplay and storyline.Low, steady payouts that don’t break the bank in the long-run of playing Castle Builder 2.
CONS -It takes time to play this slot, so you can’t really do it, say, in your 10 minute break.Low, steady payouts don’t cut it for a lot of players, especially high rollers.It can take a lot of spins, sometimes close to 100, just to build one castle.

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castle builder 2
castle builder 2
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Theme & Background

Thematically speaking, Castle Builder 2 follows closely on the heels of the original. It’s literally about building castles, just using slot spins instead of cement to stack those bricks up. This sequel is far more elaborate than the first slot. It has more castles (75 to be exact), more kingdoms (15) and more characters (aside from the three main avatars, there’s over 300 different uniquely designed game characters). And it is definitely more game-like in terms of play.The player gets to explore the world of Castle Builder 2 through three different avatars: Sam, Mandy and Igor. Each of them has a storyline specific to them, as well as a unique set of skills. Just as though you were picking and choosing your character in any RPG. Sam is the best builder. Mandy represents the ‘silver’ mode of gameplay, and gets free stuff. Igor is the best fighter, and needs to be unlocked at the beginning of the slot.By far the most entertaining aspect of Castle Builder 2 is the actual building of the castles themselves. Your avatars have to collect different materials from the reels (Wood symbol, Brick symbol, Granite symbol, Iron Ore symbol) to build the castles. Each kingdom has a unique theme, whether it’s countryside, tropical beach, Japanese style, mountain terrain or something else.Castle Builder 2 isn’t one of those high volatility slots that you play on your commute home to take the edge off. It’s a fun, exciting adventure that builds slowly and needs some investment in both money and time. You could pretty much play this game completely on autoplay, due to its relatively low variance and low paytable. But that’s ok – because Castle Builder 2 is so amazing because of the way it unfolds. We could honestly play it for forever (we nearly did, but then we remembered we had to write this review of it).


When it comes to gameplay, Castle Builder 2 is pretty special compared to other slots. That’s because the ‘gameplay’ itself isn’t just restricted to pressing that ‘Spin’ button. While Castle Builder does operate like a normal slot in that the main action is to ‘spin’ the reels, the player has other decisions he/she has to make.Depending on what avatar you choose, what castles you build, and what weddings you choose, the game will be different for each and every gamer. Like we mentioned before, most players spend their time on Castle Builder in AutoSpin mode for a reason – because the slot game is only part of the bigger, main gameplay.For example, the slot comes with an extensive achievement and cup challenges system where trophies can be won, improving your avatar’s skill level and making building castles easier. ‘Improving your avatar’s skill level’ actually just means increasing the probability of landing winning combos and special features on the reels. So, as you can see, the theme and slot are linked together perfectly.Still, the slot game forms a crucial part of Castle Builder 2. And most you reading this care more about the payouts than anything else. With good reason. So we’re going to break down the most important aspects of the slot down below.

Payouts and Wagering Limits

Castle Builder 2 PaytableAs you can see from the above paytable (taken when in Sam gameplay mode), the payouts of Castle Builder 2 aren’t great. Even in terms of volatility, this slot is a medium at best due to its infrequent high payouts and low stake average. But this is necessary in a slot game which takes this long to complete. It might not be the way to go for high-rollers looking to risk it big and make a lot of cash at one go, but it’s a fun investment for the casual gamer who’s just looking to relax.When first starting to play Castle Builder 2, we’d recommend you keep it at a minimum stake. Once your avatar has leveled up in job ranking, start upping the stakes so that you get bigger Royal Wedding bonus money. It might take 100 spins to complete a castle, but play your cards right and you could land a huge $600 bonus like we did.
castle builder 2

Final Verdict

Castle Builder 2

Overall, we really like Castle Builder 2. It has a complex story-world, and complex design and graphics. All of you players who love ‘achieving’ things in video games will definitely fall in love with this slot. But don’t let the complex gameplay distract from how simple the slot is. At its basis, it’s still just a 5-reel, 15-payline slot with medium variance and low stakes. This slot will only payout big once you’re well advanced in levels, but then the payouts will make it worth the time and money you spent on it till then.Even if you’re into high stakes and high volatility – we’d still really encourage you to give this slot a shot. It’s an amazing experience in of itself, and it won’t lose you a lot of money at any point. Castle Builder 2 is a slot for the ages.

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