Microgaming have really created a highly enjoyable game with the Jewel Quest Riches slot. It really catches the imagination and makes playing fun, without being bogged down with too many complications. The prizes are plentiful and the Mayan theme looks absolutely great. Cascading slots are always more fun, and profitable, because the possibilities of those winning combos are endless. Just like other cascading slots, like Viking Runecraft from Play’n GO, it could prove to be a hit with players.

  • The game is so simple to play, it has an incredibly easy learning curve.
  • The interactive mini game is absolutely superb. A fantastic addition to the main game.
  • The graphics look great.
  • Jewel Quest Riches is available to Canadian players.
  • The more interactive mini game doesn’t happen often enough.
  • The sounds are a little bit generic.
  • It’s very easy to lose track of time playing this game, you really do become that engrossed.
TYPE Cascading slot
GAME FEATURES Wild symbol, Jewel Quest Bonus
RANGE OF BET $0.10 – $10
COIN VALUES $0.10, $0.20, $0.50, $1, $2, $2.50, $5, $10
PAYOUT 95.19%


jewel quest riches
Up to CA$1,500
+ 300 Free Spins
  • Welcome bonus spread out over the first four deposits
  • Ongoing promotions and rewards, including free spins Tuesday
  • Accepts CAD and Interac
100% up to C$150
  • 40-level loyalty program
  • Accepts Interac and iDebit payments in CAD
  • 24-hour live chat support
Up to $4000
+ 200 Free Spins
  • Big Welcome Bonus
  • Wide Range of Providers
  • Accepts ecoPayz Payments


When you first play Jewel Quest Riches the first thing that leaps out at you is the rich graphics. The sprites for this game are absolutely gorgeous, showing clearly exactly what is happening in the game. The Mayan theme is obvious within the game, with the animated background clearly showing amazing temples and wonderful sprawling cities.

The Mayans were one of the earliest and longest-lasting civilizations. Ruling various cities for over 300 years, they had politics, architecture and they had hieroglyphics all of their own. They provided the blueprint for almost all modern civilizations. From the look of this game, they have provided the blueprint for how all casino games should look as well, because this looks stunning.

While the stones used on each reel are just generic stones, they are drawn remarkably well. Not only this but they stand out perfectly against the background. Their bright colours and sharp outlines contrast wonderfully against the sandstone background of the reel.

Jewel Quest Riches - Gameplay

Jewel Quest Riches works like many cascading slot games. The slots work as a 5×5 grid. While it isn’t exactly the same as a usual 3×3 slot game, it still has a very easy way to see if you have won. Every time the slots roll, if you manage to get three or more symbols in a line, either vertically or horizontally you earn money back.

Once the line has paid out, more symbols will drop into the reels, if this make subsequent lines then your winnings increase, starting with 2x as much then 3x as much and so on. This gives the game a tense edge whenever you win on a spin. You’re waiting to see if you’re going to go on a roll and double or triple your money. It’s exhilarating every time and never gets boring.


There is also a wild symbol that sometimes drops. When you have a wild symbol on it’s own, it doesn’t do anything special, but when it comes into contact with the other stones it becomes something special. If you have two or more stones in a line and the wild symbol is added to it, it becomes part of the line.

So the wild symbol can turn 2 stones into 3, 3 into 4 and so on. The wild symbol is so good because it can turn a bad spin into a money winner.

Jewel Quest Bonus

In addition to this sometimes instead of one of the symbols will be replaced with a golden coin with a lion’s head emblazoned on it. When you find three of these you are transported to a new screen. This screen is where the game stops being fun and starts being really fun. When you are transported to the new game area, you get the opportunity to play through different islands. Each island is a gem matching mini game. When you match a gem it changes the background behind it to gold.

Once you turn all of the background gold you earn whatever is in the bonus jackpot. If you don’t manage to turn all of the background gold, don’t worry. You still earn money for every match you manage to make. To be completely honest winning the money isn’t even the best part about the mini game, playing the mini game is the best part. It really is that much fun.

Jewel Quest Riches - Payouts and Wagering Limits

The wagering limit on this game is $10. That’s good because it allows you to access higher rewards without having to wager too much each time. The payout for three stones in a row is 40% of your wager. So if you wager $0.10 you would win back $0.04. If it was $10 it would be $4. So while that payout may seem low it can quickly become a very large payout. This is because once you have completed a line every line that is completed after that increases the multiplier. So if you wagered $10, your first win would be $4, then $8, then $12 and so on.

The winnings don’t end there though, when you access the mini game you have the opportunity to play to win the jackpot. The jackpot starts at 6 times your wager and then every time you get to the mini game but don’t win the jackpot it increases by the same increment.

The potential winnings on Jewel Quest Riches are huge due to the many different ways to win. The 95.19% win rate really makes it possible to get there too.

Jewel Quest Riches - Final Verdict

jewel quest riches

Final Verdict

Jewel Quest Riches


Microgaming really have pulled off a masterstroke with Jewel Quest Riches, it has just the right amount of tension with every spin. If you are a fan of games like Candy Crush then this game is absolutely perfect for you. The only real problem I have with it is that the mini game is too short and doesn’t happen often enough. Other than that this game is a real winner!

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