oink country love
Farming is a difficult trade. It takes hard work and long hours to get any kind of reward. Of course slot machine games can often feel like a grind and feel as though they are taking hours. Oink Country Love doesn’t feel like a grind to play, but it does make you feel like you’re right there when you play it. Oink Country Love is a slot game from Microgaming that gives you 5 reels across 3 rows of farmyard chaos with low to medium volatility and a maximum payout of 570 times your wager. There are plenty of features within Oink Country Love to keep you coming back for more.

Slots Features

+ PROSThe animations are all absolutely flawless.The stacking of the scatter symbols can lead to an incredible amount of free spins.You can make wins with wild symbols on their own, which is a nice bonus.
CONS -Low to medium volatility means that you won’t get too many huge wins.The music is actually a little bit low compared to the rest of the sounds.

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oink country love
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Theme & Background

The theme of Oink Country Love is essentially a love story. Willy and Chancho the pigs are trying their hardest to win over the most beautiful pig of all, Miss Southern Charm. This is all played out with some fantastically drawn cards. All working together to tell the story. The farmyard itself is drawn onto the background of the slot and it looks great. All of the images have a great cartoon quality to them, with lines and animation better than most modern cartoons, I’m looking at you Family Guy!What really made us take a second look though was the way that everything flowed. The spinning animation feels like you’re playing at an actual physical machine. The animations are completely natural. Everything about this game is aesthetically pleasing and it does it all without betraying the farmyard roots of the storyline.


The first thing we noticed when playing this game was that there is a button to skip the spinning of the reels. While it may seem like a small thing, to us it was great. There is nothing worse than waiting on one reel for that big win and it takes forever to stop. With the stop button you can just get right to seeing if what you need will come in.It’s not all about trying to stop the reels from turning though. There is an absolutely huge amount of content in this game.  With the scatter symbols, a Willy Wonka-esque golden ticket, giving you the opportunity to win your stake back and even better than that, get lots of free spins. If you get 3 golden tickets anywhere on the board, then you get your stake back. If you get 3 golden tickets adjacent to each other, beginning at the first reel then it takes you to the Barnyard Bash, where you can get a multitude of free spins. For every extra ticket you get on the reel, it increases your free spins by even more.It isn’t just the golden tickets that improve your experience though. If you get a Chancho or Willy  symbol then they act as wilds. These wilds are different though. You don’t need 2 other symbols to add a wild in Oink Country Love. You don’t even need 1! You can get 3 wilds in a row and it will payout. There are so many ways that this game tries to pay you out it is almost as if they want you to take all of their money.The multipliers don’t stack with this game,  but that’s not such a big deal when you can end up with up to 160 free spins in the Barnyard Bash. The money soon adds up when you have that many spins and you can end up with a large win. Many large wins in fact, as well as many small wins. All coming together to make a huge payout.

Payouts and Wagering Limits

Oink Country Love Slot PaytableThis game allows you to make maximum wagers of up to $125 per spin.  Starting at just $0.50 a bet, you don’t need to be a high roller to get involved, but it does give you the opportunity to play for bigger money with the upper limit. With such a large gap between the minimum and maximum bet on this game it really does cater to all players.The payouts on this game suffers from not being able to increase multipliers as you go along. This doesn’t mean that the payouts are small though. With the ability to win up to 570 times your wager, you can still win big money on this game.The payout rate is excellent too, at 96.5% it is one of the highest we have seen for a long time.
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Final Verdict

Oink Country Love

The cartoon visuals of this game really makes it stand out from the pack. We think it’s an excellent slot game, that is only held back by the lack of ability to increase multipliers. That is in part compensated by the incredible amount of free spins that are on offer when you manage to enter the Barnyard Bash.Oink Country Love is definitely one of the best slot machine games out there currently. If you are tiring of the games you usually play and want to play something different, that even has a story line behind it then this is the game for you. 4/5

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