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About Bonanza Slot

Big Time Gaming is probably synonymous in everyone’s mind with its Megaways reels. After all, Megaways slots do have up to 117,649 ways to win. With reels like these, who needs house edge? BTG doesn’t disappoint when it comes to Bonanza either – it’s another Megaways slot which packs a punch on every single spin. It has an RTP of 96%, a maximum win of 10000x your bet, and is of super high volatility. Bonanza is known as the ‘perfect game for Twitch streamers’, and we get it. If entertainment and big wins are what you’re looking for (and who isn’t), then BTG has delivered the perfect product.

Talk’s good and all, but now comes the bit where we cough up some cold hard facts. Read the full Bonanza review below.

Bonanza slot theme and background

When it comes to theme and concept, Bonanza is an interesting mix between a Wild West theme and a Gold Mine theme. Basically, think Red Tiger’s Treasure Mine meets Quickspin’s Sticky Bandits, with more carts of gold involved. Somewhere in between lies Bonanza – a slot of dynamite, water wheels, log cabins and leafy background.

We’re not going to lie to you. BTG isn’t known for its great quality graphics and design. Then again, we doubt anyone looks up a BTG slots for the pretty colors and animation. Nope. This is a slot about the pays and wins. Which is why we’re moving onto gameplay straight away.

How to play Bonanza slot

Being a Megaways slot, Bonanza has some pretty unique special features. For one – it has 117,649 ways to win. For another, it’s a cascading slot. Even more, it’s a cascading slot with DuelReaction, another fantastic custom product of BTG. It’s the gaming provider that just won’t quit on the wins.

The DuelReaction mechanism allows the cascading reels to cascade in both directions. This means that players have a better chance at landing winning combinations in the same spin. It’s the perfect complement to the Megaways mechanism.

Aside from all this, Bonanza also has win reactions. According to BTG, this ensures that every single spin triggers some sort of reaction. Might be a really minor cascade, might be something that shakes things up a bit more. Whatever the case, win reactions definitely keep gameplay extremely dynamic and interesting. No wonder it’s the perfect slot for our favorite casino streamers.

Gold Scatters

Gold Scatters are represented by, well, gold. If you manage to get 4 Gold Scatters on the reels, you’ll automatically trigger 12 free spins. Thankfully, the Scatters can appear anywhere on the reels – which makes it easier to land 4 of them.

Any extra Scatters will add 5 more free spins to the reels. Meaning, if you manage to miraculously get 5 Gold Scatters or 6 Gold Scatters, you’ll get 17 free spins and 22 free spins respectively. Now that would be one sweet spin.

Free Spins

During the 12 (at minimum) free spins, there will be an unlimited win multiplier. It’s pretty awesome that you even have a multiplier win in the first place, but the ‘unlimited’ part really gets us excited.

The multiplier will start off at 1 with the first spin. Every spin after that will increase the multiplier by 1. Of course, since the free spins can be retriggered indefinitely – it also means that the win multiplier is unlimited.

How do you retrigger free spins? Free spin scatters, my friend.

Free Spin Scatters

Free Spin Scatters appear in carts above the reels. They appear randomly, at any position. So it’s anyone guess it they appear at all, really.

When they do appear, they reward players with lovely extra free spins. Get 3 Free Spin Scatters, get 5 extra free spins. Get 4 Free Spin Scatters, get 10 extra free spins.

This can keep on going indefinitely. But, realistically speaking, the odds aren’t great for ‘indefinite’. Still, you can get a good amount of free spins from this special little feature (and multiplier wins)

Payouts and Wagering Limits on Bonanza Slot

Bonanza Slot Paytable

You know the most important part about this slot: it’s a Megaways slot. You have hundreds of thousands of ways to win. That greatly increases your odds of payouts, even without a great 96% RTP. But it has that too – an RTP of 96%.

What should be said is that this slot does not pay out the massive amounts frequently. But it still cashes out big frequently enough. After all, the maximum exposure is 10,000x your original stake. That’s no joke, even for BTG.

Your bet range for this slot is between $0.20 to $20. But, given the structure of the slot, this relatively low wagering limit is enough.

Since it is a high volatility slot, you can bet that wins will come. And that the slot gameplay will be dynamic and exciting. But, as always, we warn you to look out for your wallet. High volatility slots are as fun as slots get, but man do they suck you dry (unless you land that massive win).

Bonanza Final Verdict

When all is said and done – Bonanza is one f***ing great slot. You might even say it’s ‘dynamite’ (groan). Casino streamers play this slot all the time, and you can guess why. Wins, wins, wins. It’s the aim of the game, or at least – it’s the aim of this game.

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