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Jumanji Slot Pros and Cons


Thumbs Up The base game has a number of features that can randomly activate to increase engagement.

Thumbs Up The board game feature can trigger a wide range of different features from instant wins to free spins.

Thumbs Up The mystery feature can enhance the board game feature with extra dice rolls.

Thumbs Up Jumanji slot is available to players in Canada.


Thumbs Down The base game features are all triggered randomly so there is no way to see what is being triggered.

Thumbs Down The free spins feature doesn’t offer many free spins.

About Jumanji Slot

Jumanji is a video slot that is based on the classic Robin Williams movie of the same name. With an incredible amount of features and insane jungle board game based action Jumanji will put you right into the middle of the action. With features based around the movie itself the game manages to stay true to the film as well as providing an enjoyable video slot experience. If you’re a fan of Robin Williams (or the sequels starring The Rock) and video slots, then why not let Jumanji take you for a wild ride. Jumanji is a 5 reel and 36 payline video slot. The reels are laid out in a 3, 4, 5, 4, 3 layout and the 36 paylines means there are plenty of ways to create winning lines. The wager range for Jumanji is between $0.10 and $200 which gives players on any kind of budget the opportunity to play. The maximum win for Jumanji is up to 504 times your stake which gives a potential maximum win of $100,800. The RTP of 96.33% means that players are given an above average chance of walking away with a win when they play Jumanji.

What’s the theme of Jumanji slot?

The symbols for Jumanji are some of the best drawn on the market full stop. Each one shows a photo realistic image of an animal from the jungle. It really helps to set the scene of the game perfectly and brings the heart of the classic movie into the video slot world. The sounds help to create an immersive experience and keeps the theme of the game ticking over the whole time.

The background for Jumanji is a view of the board to the game. This makes sure that the theme of the game is adhered to perfectly the whole way through. It is designed superbly and looks just like the board from the original movie. If you’re a fan of the movie then the background to this game will give you a nostalgic twinge as well as providing a great looking game for newcomers to the Jumanji franchise.

How to play Jumanji slot

Jumanji has standard video slot gameplay with the addition of wild symbols, scatter symbols and free spins. It also includes a wide range of bonus features that are integrated into the base game. This increases the engagement as well as giving players more rewards.

What is the payout on the Jumanji slot?

The maximum payout for Jumanji is up to 504 times your stake. This offers a maximum payout of $100,800. This isn’t as high as some other games on the market but it is still substantial enough to attract players. The RTP for Jumanji is 96.44% which is slightly above the market average.

Jumanji Slot PaytableThis allows players on a higher budget the chance to engage with the game to a level that they feel offers enough reward. The minimum wager of $0.10 allows players on a lower budget the chance to play the game without risking too much.

What’s the final verdict on Jumanji slot?

Visually and thematically Jumanji hits a home run. Each symbol looks as though it has been painstakingly drawn by an absolute master of artistry. The game feels as though you are there in the movie and it really makes for a fun experience. The gameplay for Jumanji is more rewarding than most slots out there. The base game features that trigger randomly ensure that long term engagement is high with Jumanji and the board game feature adds a neat twist on the awarding of free spins. Overall it is an enjoyable game that hits all of the notes of the movie perfectly.

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