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Lucha Legends

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About Lucha Legends Slot

Lucha Legends takes on the legendary Mexican sport of Lucha Libre and gives it a shot at a video slot. Microgaming has created a high intensity slot that has gorgeous visuals and will keep you trying to hit that 3 count. There are huge rewards on offer if you manage to body slam your way to the winning pinfall. Can you challenge the big guns and walk away a huge winner? Lucha Legends gives you the opportunity to do so.

With 5 reels and 25 paylines Lucha Legends offers players plenty of ways to create winning lines. The wager range of $0.25 to $75 gives players on low to medium budgets the ability to engage with Lucha Legends however they might like, the upper bound of the wager range is activated with the power up mode which doubles all wagers. The maximum win for Lucha Legends is an incredible $160,000. For a video slot with a mid level maximum wager this is a really good payout. The RTP of 96.38% is also an excellent return when compared to other games on the market.

Lucha Legends Theme and Background

The theme for Lucha Legends is a Mexican wrestling theme. This is apparent from the moment that you begin playing. The symbols are all images of luchadores of varying styles. They really draw the player into the pageantry and spectacle of Mexican wrestling. It helps Lucha Legends to keep the same level of excitement as a lucha bout. The colors in every symbol all help to keep to the theme too. The sounds all maintain the atmosphere of the game to make sure that Lucha Legends has a fantastic aesthetic.

The background for Lucha Legends is an image of the wrestling ring. It drags the player into the excitement of a match right away and helps to keep the theme of the game running all of the way through. It looks fantastic and is designed in a way to keep the player thinking they are involved. It achieves this by placing the reels inside the ring, which makes it feel as though the slot itself decides the result of the lucha match. The background makes sure that the theme of the game is adhered to fully.

Lucha Legends Gameplay

Lucha Legends offers a gameplay experience that is similar to a lot of slots that are on the market. Offering wild symbols, scatter symbols and free spins it sticks to the formula that has given numerous slot providers success. It does however add a couple of extra features that do set it apart from other games on the market.

Super Wild Feature

The super wild feature can be triggered in both the base game and in the free spins game. It is triggered randomly when a winning line is created with a wild symbol and when it is triggered a luchador will smash 1 wild symbol on the screen and turn them into super wilds. When this is triggered one of two things can happen. Either the wild will expand into 2 adjacent positions to make a larger wild or any winning lines containing the super wilds will be multiplied by 2 or 3.

Power-Up Mode

The power up mode is triggered by clicking on a button to enable it. Once it is enabled the wager will instantly be doubled. The power up mode will make the super wild feature trigger more often. As well as this the super wild rewards are all boosted. The expanding wilds can take up to 4 spaces and the potential multiplier can be either 3 or 5.

Free Spins

The free spins for Lucha Legends are triggered when 3 scatter symbols are landed on the first, third and fifth reels. When this happens 10 free spins will instantly be awarded. During the free spins mode anytime 2 scatter symbols are landed on the reels an additional free spin will be awarded and if all 3 scatters are landed then an additional 10 free spins will be awarded.

Lucha Legends Payouts and Wagering Limits

Lucha Legends Slot PaytableThe maximum wager for Lucha Legends is $75. This is enough to tempt medium level players into wagering on the game, but may put off players who are used to higher wager games. The minimum wager of $0.25 will allow players on a lower budget the ability to play the game to a level that they are comfortable with.

The maximum win of $160,000 makes Lucha Legends one of the better paying slots on the market when taking the mid range maximum wager into account. The RTP of 96.38% is also very reasonable and offers a great chance of getting a return.

Lucha Legends Final Verdict

Lucha Legends has a fantastic look to it. The symbols and background really stick to the theme of the game perfectly. It all comes together wonderfully to make sure that Lucha Legends really engages players from the first moment they start playing.

The gameplay for Lucha Legends is generally very enjoyable. The base game adds enough to it to keep it interesting when the free spins isn’t involved and the ability to keep earning more free spins makes the free spins mode very enjoyable. Overall it’s an enjoyable video slot game that is just let down by it’s medium range maximum wager.

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