Craps is one of the most popular dice games in the world. Players bet on what the outcome of the roll, or rolls, of a pair of dice will be.

Other than the quieter surroundings, playing online craps is no different to playing craps in a land-based casino. The rules are the same, but you tend to have a little more control over the pace of the game.

The dice only get rolled once you have placed your bet and you can take your sweet time, but that’s as far as the differences extend to. It might be a bit more comfortable, but it’s still the exact same game. You place your bet, the dice get rolled, you either keep rolling or place more bets, the bets get paid out – simple as that.

Is playing online craps legal in Canada? Yes, it’s perfectly legal for players in Canada to play craps online.

Is playing online craps rigged? No, as long as you are playing at a trusted, reputable casino, online craps are not rigged. If you are having a dry spell, it’s just bad luck – know when to call it a day.

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How to Play Online Craps

An online craps table is divided into two main sections, a center section and the side sections. Since a craps table in a land-based casino tends to be pretty big, there are two identical side sections, each catered to by a different dealer. The center section is handled by yet another dealer – the so-called stickman.

Side Sections

The side sections include the so-called self-service area where players can handle their own bets just by placing their chips on the bet they want to place. Those bets include pass, don’t pass and field bet. If winnings are generated from those bets, the dealer will place them next to the player’s chips and it is the player’s responsibility to remove them, otherwise they’ll just stay there for the next throw.

The point boxes with the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 on the other hand are the dealer’s responsibility and the players need to request the dealer if they want to place a bet on any of those. Finally, there’re the come and don’t come fields which are also the dealer’s responsibility.

Center Section

The center section only exists once on each table and all players share it, regardless where on the table they’re standing (that is obviously something that doesn’t really have any effect in online craps).

So-called proposition bets are placed in the center section and to place them, the players have to go through the stickman at all times by telling him which bets they like to place.

Understanding the Order of Play in Craps Online

A round of craps plays out like this:

  • The shooter selects two dice that he/she wants to roll.
  • The shooter makes a pass line bet and so do the other players on the table.
  • The shooter throws the dice for the first time, thus creating the come out roll.
  • After the come out roll, other bets can be placed on the next roll(s).
  • A round ends when the shooter throws another 7 or 11.

Bets, Odds And Payouts For Online Craps

There are a ton of bets that can be placed in the game of craps. In this small table we have compiled some of the most common bets that you can place, including their odds, payouts and the house edge.

Bet Odd Payout House Edge
Pass / Come 251:244 1:1 1.41%
Don’t pass / Don’t Come 976:949 1:1 1.36%
Pass Odds / Come Odds Same as paid 2:1 on 4,10;

3:2 on 5,9;

6:5 on 6,8

Don’t pass odds / don’t come odds Same as paid 1:2 against 4,10;

2:3 against 5,9;

5:6 against 6,8

Hard 4 / Hard 10 8:1 7:1 11.11%
Hard 6 / Hard 8 10:1 9:1 9.09%
Big 6 / Big 8 6:5 1:1 9.09%
Place 4 / Place 10 2:1 9:5 6.67%
Place 5 / Place 9 3:2 7:5 4%
Place 6 / Place 8 6:5 7:6 1.52%
Yo (11) 17:1 15:1 11.11%
Hi-Lo (2 or 12) 17:1 15:1 11.11%
Craps (2, 3 or 12) 8:1 7:1 11.1%
Any 7 5:1 4:1 16.67%

Multi-Roll Bets vs One-Roll Bets in Craps Online

At online craps, you can make multi-roll or single-roll bets. While multi-roll bets might need any number of rolls to be settled, single-roll bets will be settled with the next roll of the shooter.

Craps Online Rules & Game Variations

As with almost every casino game in existence, there are variations of the game that offer a slightly different experience. So, let’s have a look at some of the most common craps variations.

Crapless craps is a variation where the player can never lose his or her initial pass line bet because craps numbers 2, 3 or 12 are thrown. This variation is popular with players and unpopular with casino providers since it cuts the house edge quite a bit.

High point craps is another variation that favors the players. In this game the craps numbers 2 and 3 are ignored completely if they appear on the come out roll. If it happens, the roll will be repeated. Players also directly win if an 11 or a 12 are thrown.

The die rich craps is played with only one die. The player wins instantly if the come out roll is a 6 and loses if it is a 1. Any of the other numbers establishes the point. After that, the player gets three more tries to throw the point number again without throwing a one. if the player fails, the die gets passed to the next player and a new round is started.

Popular Craps Online Strategies

There’re a couple of betting systems that can be used for online craps, but as always, we have to warn you against betting beyond your means. Craps is a game of pure chance and there is no sure-fire system that’ll get you a win. With that being said, let us introduce you to some of the commonly-used tips and tricks to win at craps.

Of course, you can use the Martingale system with the doubling up on losses in craps as well. As always, this only works with a considerable bankroll and no maximum bets, so beware.

The Iron Cross betting system has you placing field bets as well as a bet on 5, 6 and 8. This means that you’re placing a bet on everything, but the number 7 and will thus win on 30 out of 36 dice combinations – not bad odds.

Avoid hardways bets. The odds are much worse than on the actual numbers and the payouts are just not worth it.

If your bankroll isn’t that high, you should also avoid single-roll bets, because the odds are almost never in your favor.

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