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NeoSurf Casinos – Casinos that Accept NeoSurf Payments

When you head over to the cashier section of an online casino, Neosurf often pops up on the deposit list. It’s been on the scene since 2004, but you may not be familiar with what it is or how it works. Many players tout it as one of the most secure payment methods to use when online gambling, largely due to the fact that customers can safely make deposits to their favorite sites without having to use a personal credit card. In this review we’ll be taking a look at Canada’s top online casinos for using Neosurf, how Neosurf can be used for quick and easy deposits and the best sites to visit for welcome bonuses in combination with Neosurf.

Best Neosurf Casinos

What are the pros and cons of using Neosurf at an online casino?


Thumbs Up A secure option, protecting both your identity and personal information

Thumbs Up Accepted at leading online casinos and many other online merchants

Thumbs Up You can buy Neosurf vouchers in multiple ways (Dollars, Debit Card, Canada Post, or Interac eTransfer)

Thumbs Up Buying Neosurf vouchers is a low-cost option, starting from C$1.49 per voucher

Thumbs Up Neosurf makes it easy to control your online spending


Thumbs Down It’s not possible to make withdrawals with Neosurf

Thumbs Down It's not a completely free option as there is a small fee attached

How does Neosurf work?

Neosurf is an online payment method that’s become something of a staple with online casinos. This is probably because it offers users the ability to keep all their financial information off the internet when depositing or paying online. It’s frequently used in Canada, France, Spain, and other countries. Unfortunately, before you deposit funds online through Neosurf you’ll need to complete an extra step — and that’s actually purchasing your vouchers.

You can buy Neosurf vouchers online, or at licensed resellers. The site hosts a helpful location finder listing all available stores internationally. Your Neosurf cash voucher will be provided directly in CAD. There’s a distinct lack of details that need to be provided. You don’t need to register or provide ID, and you can buy your voucher in cash.

Here’s how you can get started with Neosurf in three simple steps:

  1. Go online or find a local sales point to buy a voucher. There are different values available, ranging from C$10 to C$250 (but you don’t have to deposit the full value online at once).
  2. Use the 10 character pin code on your voucher to track your available balance on the Neosurf website.
  3. Go to your favorite online casino and choose to pay with Neosurf, where you’ll be asked to enter your pin code. Your funds will be available to use immediately.

You can keep track of your balance and make transfers through the Neosurf site. You can even transfer your balance from one voucher to another. Unfortunately, withdrawals can’t be processed through Neosurf. Players who choose this option to deposit will need to opt for bank transfer with it comes to cashing out.

How to deposit money at an online casino with Neosurf

My favorite thing about Neosurf is that it gives online players the ability to set a manageable budget before starting to play. What’s more, this can be done without disclosing any of your personal information anywhere.

Purchasing your voucher can also be a pretty anonymous affair. You can visit a licensed reseller, pay for your voucher in cash and off you go. No names or details exchanged whatsoever. If you choose to buy your voucher online you can pay by Debit Card or even Interac, but it won’t be possible to pay with a Credit Card.

Once you get your hands on a voucher, the deposit process is very simple:

  1. Log in to your online casino account (make sure accepts Neosurf before buying your voucher)
  2. Click on Banking, Deposit or Cashier (where ever the site stores its deposit and withdrawal functions)
  3. Click on the Neosurf logo and enter the amount you want to deposit (it doesn’t have to be the full value of the voucher)
  4. Enter your 10-digit validation code (the site will let you know when you need to do this)
  5. Click Submit, Confirm or Deposit (at this point the funds should appear in your account instantly)

You can add more vouchers to your balance at any time or combine balances from other cards to make a larger deposit.

How to withdraw money at an online casino with Neosurf

The bad news it that there’s no way to withdraw funds back to your voucher. But the situation isn’t entirely hopeless. You can sign up for a Neocash Mastercard and myNeosurf eWallet. This allows you to withdraw any deposits made back onto the eWallet, where the balance can be access with the Neocash Mastercard. At this point the funds can be transfered to your bank account, ready to be used online. It’s quite a lengthy process though, and you might be better off just selecting a regular bank transfer at the withdrawal stage.

Best Neosurf Bonuses for Canada

If you’re after an online casino that’s made a home for both Neosurf and a generous welcome bonus, then you’re in luck. Here are the best ones around right now:

  1. MonteCryptos Casino comes with Neosurf and a Welcome Bonus of 120% up to C$240
  2. BitStarz Casino comes with Neosurf and a Welcome Bonus of 100% up to C$400 + 180 Free Spins
  3. Casoo Casino comes with Neosurf and a Welcome Bonus of 100% up to C$450 + 100 Free Spins

Is Neosurf safe?

Since Neosurf uses a prepaid card armed with a unique PIN number, there is no need to divulge any personal financial information or register an account when using the service. Safety is one of the primary reasons that players choose to deposit with Neosurf at casino sites. The brand’s been around sine 2004, and is completely above board, registered and authorized by UK and European Financial Conduct Authorities. It’s also reassuring that the majority of online casinos that recognize Neosurf as a payment method are also licensed by the UKGC – one of the most reputable gaming licenses in the industry. On top of all this, the fact that the bare minimum of personal and financial details come into play when using Neosurf inherently makes it an airtight option for online players.

Why use Neosurf to play online?

At glance it appears that Neosurf is a fantastic option for anyone looking for a secure way to transact with an online casino. Of course, no system is perfect, and there a couple of things that might put you off. Let’s recap all the facts.

On the positive side of things is the fact that you can get instant funding. It’s super safe and secure because you don’t need to divulge any personal identification or financial details in order to get your Neosurf voucher. On top of this is the fact that all online transactions are protected using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption. You can purchase your vouchers online, or from physical stores that stock Neosurf vouchers. There’s no need to register either, just purchase and go. It also means that you can start playing at online casino with a pre-determined budget, to help you keep things in check.

The less positive things are that vouchers can’t be purchased with a credit card. Buying vouchers means you also need to sign up for MyNeosurf eWallet (this is downloadable online) and deposit with it in order to be able to access your cash. But the biggest drawback of all is the fact that you can only use this method for deposits. If you’re looking to withdraw you’ll have to find another method. On the whole, I consider Neosurf to be a solid, if slightly limited, option for Canadian online casino players.

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Neosurf Casinos FAQs


Is it safe to play online with Neosurf?

Neosurf is an established and secure option for depositing at online casinos – but it’s a one-way street.


Can you gamble online in Canada with Neosurf?

Yes, at specific casinos which have Neosurf as a deposit option.


How long does it take to deposit with Neosurf?

Depositing is instant once you purchase a voucher.


How long does it take to withdraw with Neosurf?

Unfortunately it’s not possible to action withdrawals with Neosurf, as this is a deposit-only payment method.


Which casinos accept Neosurf?

There are a huge amount of Canada-friendly online casinos that accept deposits from Neosurf. Try Jackpot City, Spin Palace, Ruby Fortune, and Royal Vegas just to name a few.


Is Neosurf only in Canada?

Neosurf is available in Canada, but also across all of North America, and other European countries like France and Spain.


Can I use CAD with Neosurf?

Yes, you can transact directly in CAD.


Is Neosurf free to use?

No, there’s a small fee which you need to pay each time you buy a voucher.


How much does it cost to use Neosurf?

This can vary slightly, but the cost of a voucher is never more than C$2.


Is Neosurf safe?

The fact that your card details are never shared online makes Neosurf a very safe option.

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