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Best Tether Casinos Canada

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Tether Casinos for Real Money

1. Bitcasino.io
Bitcasino.io is fully licensed and regulated and strives to provide a safe and secure environment for players. It has partnered with top games developers. The result is a huge variety of casino games for every player, from slots to table games to live dealer experiences. One of the factors that make Bitcasino stand out above other Tether casinos is its unrivaled range of crypto games.

2. Stake Casino
Stake Casino is a reputable online casino offering safe, secure, and quality gameplay to its players. With its massive range of premium slots available to play with USDT, and pretty much every other cryptocurrency there is, it’s certainly one of the best Tether casinos to play at, and an outstanding crypto casino overall. The games are also from the top developers in the industry.

3. FortuneJack
FortuneJack offers a powerful crypto casino experience with its huge range of games, great technology, a decent sportsbook, and lucrative USDT bonuses. Tether and several other cryptocurrencies are offered here as payment methods.

4. Bets.io
Bets.io is another reputable entry from our list of Tether casinos featuring an easy-to-use interface and hassle-free gaming experience. It’s famous for sports betting. Including USDT, the casino allows around ten more cryptocurrencies.

5. MyStake
MyStake beats other Tether casinos when it comes to mobile compatibility. Its smooth and modern interface help players navigate through the casino’s pages without much hassle. Besides exciting bonus offers, MyStake brings a fair sportsbook to its players as well.

A brief history of Tether

What is Tether?

Tether is a platform enabled by blockchain designed to facilitate fiat currencies digitally. Its tokens are issued by Tether, a Hong Kong-based firm. It allows individuals to use blockchain technology to transact with conventional currencies across the internet, with all transactions conducted by tether tokens on the blockchain representing real-world currency.

Tether tokens are backed 1:1 by traditional fiat currency units, so each tethered coin is always equivalent to one unit of the underlying currency at any given time. Users can purchase, send, receive, and store digital tokens pegged to dollars, euros, and yens which can be transferred, stored and spent, just like bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency.

The tether cryptocurrency and its closely-related stable coin cousins are enticing assets. Their prices fluctuate less than most other cryptocurrencies. This makes them popular for crypto bets. Security and transparency are crucial factors to consider when you want to bet with cryptocurrencies.

Currency volatility can be incredibly damaging for gamblers, so this is where cryptocurrencies like Tether come in very handy. Tether cryptocurrency helps to lower the price volatility risk that many gamblers face.

How to get started at a Tether casino

Getting started at online casinos with Tether is much easier than other cryptocurrencies, thanks to the stable coin’s value being tied directly to real money.

First, you will need to purchase Tether straight off a crypto exchange or transfer them from an existing Tether wallet. Kraken, Coinbase, Binance are a few of the reliable and popular exchanges. Once you have your Tether tokens, you can store them in your crypto wallet.

The next step is to navigate through an online casino that accepts Tether tokens and obtains a proper license. If you’re a new player, then you’ll need to sign up at the casino. Existing players can log in right away and head to the ‘Cashier’ page of the casino.

After choosing Tether as your preferred payment method, you can transfer the required amount from your crypto wallet to your casino account. Once you’re done with all this procedure, you can start playing with no hassle.

How we choose the best Tether online casinos

Checking the License

Staying safe when playing casino games online is of utmost importance. That’s why we researched the top Tether casinos and checked whether each is licensed by a reputable regulator, as otherwise, you run the risk of getting scammed or having your personal information stolen.

Bonuses and Promotions

In order for you to get the most value from your money, we selected casinos that offer a welcome bonus or a free spins package. We also considered the wagering requirements and other terms and conditions.

A casino with a more generous welcome package and many free spins may seem like the better option but, if it has higher wagering requirements too, then it won’t be the right choice for you. Not only the sign-up rewards, but we also thought about weekly or monthly bonuses, cashbacks, reloads, and loyalty programs.

Available Payment Methods and Reputation

You certainly don’t want to join a USDT casino, make a deposit, then find out that the money isn’t going into your account. And since blockchain technology maintains the anonymity of its users, you’ll never find out where your money has gone.

This is why we made sure that these chosen Tether casinos are fairly reputable and just some fraud website scamming you from the other side of the screen.


Of all the problems that new and experienced gamblers face, finding an exciting casino platform is the biggest. You might come across a casino that offers exciting bonuses, but if it doesn’t offer a generous variety and number of games, the excitement and fun die down after a while.

So, we checked the games each of these casinos are offering and their themes, features, and how smoothly one can play it as well. The audio-visual quality of the games should also be considered if one is to enjoy gambling with utmost content.

Tether gambling pros and cons


Thumbs Up Legitimately safe gambling because the blockchain maintains the security of all your data.

Thumbs Up Tether tokens are centralized and regulated currency that can be safely exchanged.

Thumbs Up Value of Tether doesn't fluctuate dramatically.


Thumbs Down Not every casino accepts Tether tokens.

Thumbs Down Since Tether is stable, it doesn't have the chance to increase drastically in price.

Thumbs Down ● Majority of Tether casinos do not offer bonuses in USDT tokens.

Are Tether Casinos Safe?

Gambling with USDT is the same as any real money casino but with added benefits. When using cryptocurrency, casinos have a much harder time passing on your details or selling them to third parties. At Tether casinos, you can use a different wallet every time — with little worries about data retention and hacking.

The key here is to verify. Tether casinos are safe in the same way any other casino is safe. It all comes down to check out the reputation of the company and its terms in every aspect of its operation. Whether it is licensed by reputable commissions, if it has good encryption, if the customer service is helpful, if it offers good games, bonuses, and promotions that respect customers – all these factors should be carefully checked.

Thanks to their stability and reliability, the Tether casinos you see through us will keep your data and money safe. They all employ the latest encryption techniques to make sure your personal details are protected.

Tether casino bonuses

Online casino players can get bonuses in two types: the standard offers (such as a welcome bonus) and promotions (e.g., daily or weekly tourneys hosted by casinos). Crypto casinos are no different in this regard. However, they have one distinctive feature – cryptocurrency bonuses are generally more lucrative and have more favorable withdrawal requirements than standard bonuses, as the blockchain eradicates all third parties when transactions are processed.

A lot of online casinos in Canada accept Tether as a form of payment, but not many of them offer specific tether bonuses. But it isn’t discouraging since the value of Tether is stable. So, you can easily exchange it for fiat currency. Therefore, it gives you all the benefits of regular casino bonuses, including free spins, sign-up rewards, no-deposit bonuses, cashbacks, and reloads.

Stable coins have become more popular than ever, and players prefer them as they consume less time, are easier to use, and come with lower transaction fees – sometimes even no fees at all!

Is gambling with Tether worth it?

The fact that the price of Tether correlates so tightly to fiat currency means that its value will not go up or down as drastically as many other cryptocurrencies. While this diminishes your chances of a spike that will make you instantly rich, it also eases your mind as you know exactly the value of what you’re gambling with – a reassurance that is missing when you’re playing with other crypto coins.

If you’ve got your eye on some reputable Tether casinos and you’d like to give gambling with USDT a try, the casinos recommended on this page have all been checked by our reviewers and verified as safe.


Tether casinos FAQ MOBILE

Tether casinos and USDT gambling sites FAQ


Can you gamble with Tether?

Yes, you can. Tether allows online gamblers to have an access to fast, secure and transparent payment method, which doesn’t require a bank account for the withdrawal of funds. Furthermore, a Tether wallet can easily be connected to almost any online gambling website that accepts crypto payments.


Where can you buy Tether?

You can easily buy Tether from a cryptocurrency exchange, like Binance, Kraken, Coinbase etc


How long does it take to mine 1 Tether?

Tether is not a mineable coin as its total amount of coins in circulation is not set. Instead, the total amount will be linked to the actual amount of currency (dollars) deposited.


What is the highest amount of cash I can withdraw using USDT?

The maximum withdrawal amount varies between crypto exchanges.


Will I pay a fee when depositing with USDT?

You will usually only pay a nominal transaction fee to your cryptocurrency wallet when depositing with Tether. Casinos are also unlikely to charge you any extra fees, but if they convert your USDT to a fiat currency there may be a less favorable exchange rate.


Are USDT casinos legal?

Since USDT is a stable coin, its value doesn’t increase, which means you won’t be making any extra monetary profit when using Tether.


Are there any disadvantages to using Tether?

Since USDT is a stable coin, its value doesn’t increase as radically as other cryptocurrencies. This can be an advantage or a disadvantage – its stability means it won’t rapidly depreciate in value, but neither can it have the kind of spike that other cryptos experience.

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