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Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion

Astro Legends

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Astro Legends Pros and Cons


Thumbs Up The cluster pays can reward players with multiple wins.

Thumbs Up The applied multipliers can lead to some huge payouts.

Thumbs Up The bonus race adds some extra fun to the game as well as providing a guaranteed win.

Thumbs Up Astro Legends slot is available to players in Canada.


Thumbs Down It is difficult to spot the winning clusters sometimes.

Thumbs Down The features can take a long time to trigger.

About Astro Legends Slot

Astro Legends is a trail blazing cascading slot game from Foxium. With real-time rendered 3D graphics, a strong storyline, and fantastic gameplay, this is one of the most accomplished slots we’ve ever seen! There is excitement and engagement aplenty in Astro Legends. If you feel that you can take to the stars and come back with a big win, then Astro Legends is the perfect challenge for you. Take up the mantle and save the galaxy, are you up to the task?

Astro Legends is a cascading slot with 22 independent reels. Cluster pays are created whenever 5 or more symbols are adjacent to each other, more than one cluster can be created on each spin. The wager range for Astro Legends is between $0.10 and $100. This allows players on any kind of budget the chance to engage with the game in a way that they feel comfortable with. The maximum win of up to 15,000 times your stake is a fantastic maximum win that will attract players from all around.

The RTP for Astro Legends is 96.63% which is at a good level, especially for a game with such a high maximum payout.

Astro Legends Theme and Background

Visually Astro Legends sets a completely new bar. Each image is rendered completely within the game itself in full 3D. No other slot has done this so far and the increased quality really shows through. The theme of the game is apparent from the start with some excellent sci fi tropes on show from the start.

The background for Astro Legends is a 3D rendered and animated scene. Showing a barren planet wasteland with a strange colored sky above it. It fits the science fiction theme of the game with aplomb and makes sure that everything about Astro Legends is polished.

The slot tells the story of Lyra and Erion – two beings composed of star-dust that battle it out with some groovy tunes. Think synth, think cool. The storyline alone will keep you well invested in this slot.

Astro Legends Gameplay

Astro Legends takes a different approach to the majority of slot games on the market. With a cluster pay system and a cascading slot gameplay mode in place it won’t be instantly recognizable to the majority of traditional players out there.

The game itself pays out whenever 5 or more clusters of symbols are collected and can pay out more than one cluster at a time. it does however have some additional features included that increase the engagement levels of the game.


There is a 20% chance of a respin chance being triggered after every spin. If the respin chance is triggered then Astro Legends will do some tests to see if a respin will be triggered. First it needs to check if there is a winning combination of clusters that has been created. Second it needs to check that there is only one type of winning clusters created. If these two conditions are in place then the respin will take place.

When the respin is triggered the winning cluster will be held in place. If any symbols are added to this cluster or another winning cluster is created then the symbols will be held in place again. This continues until the reels are full of new symbols or no new symbols are added to the winning clusters. Once this occurs the win will be paid out.

Bonus Race

On every spin there is a 10% chance of collecting between 2 and 10 energy. Once you manage to achieve 100 energy the bonus race feature will be triggered. This is a boss battle where you can earn instant wins. Each of the 7 rounds gives 3 roads you can choose to go down and you have 3 lives to make it past the 7 rounds.

On the first 3 rounds 1 of the roads will lead to the boss and remove a life from you. On the last 4 rounds 2 of the 3 roads will lead to the boss and remove a life from you. The feature ends when you get to the end or lose all 3 lives.

Each road you choose to go down will award you with between 1 and 3 coins, even if it leads to a boss. The value of the coins increases as the round number increases. On the first round each coin is worth 20% of your total bet, second each coin is worth 60%, third each coin is worth your total bet, fourth each coin is worth 2 times your total bet, fifth each coin is worth 3 times your total bet, sixth each coin is worth 4 times your total bet and seventh each coin is worth 5 times your total bet. This means in total the instant win is worth a potential 47 times your total bet.

Astro Legends Payouts and Wagering Limits

The maximum wager for Astro legends is $100. This is a level that will appeal to higher rolling players as it is near the higher end of the stake scale. The minimum wager of $0.10 gives players on any kind of budget the chance to play Astro Legends.

The maximum payout for Astro Legends is up to 15,000 times your stake. This is an incredible maximum payout and should entice players at any level to play the game. The RTP for Astro Legends is 96.63% which is above average.

Astro Legends Final Verdict

Visually Astro Legends is in a class of its own. It is the first slot game to create fully 3D rendered graphics in real time. It is genuinely breath taking at times. It sticks to the theme of the game like glue and creates a wonderful experience from the off.

The gameplay for Astro Legends manages to match up to the visuals. The game itself is engaging and enjoyable even without the additional features. It’s not a chore to play while you wait for the features to trigger and when they do trigger it just makes the game even better. Astro Legends is one of the best games on the market currently.

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